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Vista Unknown exception - code c0150014 with openFilenameDialog

Added by jmaki (James Maki) over 11 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.



Calling openFilenameDialog while doing a Net::HTTP request causes windows to spew Unknown exception - code c0150014.

Attached script can produce the problem on Vista Ultimate service pack 1. Code runs correctly on XP.

This may not be a bug in ruby. I am not sure yet. I also do not know why Net::HTTP is needed to cause the error.

In the script, I have a timer installed using addTimer in order to make the http thread run. Without the timer the thread will never run with a dialog open. Maybe a system call is being interrupted?

If someone could run my test code and verify that I am not insane it would be nice!


VistaHTTPGetOpenFilename.rb (1.05 KB) VistaHTTPGetOpenFilename.rb jmaki (James Maki), 02/07/2009 04:23 AM
windbg.txt (19.9 KB) windbg.txt jmaki (James Maki), 02/07/2009 04:23 AM

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