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Incorrect line numbers in "caller" output when evaluated in a Proc binding

Added by wilson (Wilson Bilkovich) over 14 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.



The second frame's line number appears to always be incorrect when a Proc is created via a non-toplevel method call.
This small program and its output illustrate the issue:

def first # line 1 of proc_caller.rb on my system

def second
b = third do
1 + 1
return b

def third(&b)
return b

eval("p caller(0)", first)

Output on recent 1.8 releases, including 1.8.6 and 1.8.7:
["proc_caller.rb:6:in second'", "proc_caller.rb:6:in first'", "proc_caller.rb:16"]

Output that I would expect: (line 6 is in 'second', not 'first')
["proc_caller.rb:6:in second'", "proc_caller.rb:2:in first'", "proc_caller.rb:16"]

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Updated by wilson (Wilson Bilkovich) about 14 years ago

Everybody agrees that this is a bug, right?

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Updated by runpaint (Run Paint Run Run) about 13 years ago

On 1.9 trunk:

 ["(eval):1:in `second'", "/tmp/proc_caller.rb:16:in `eval'", "/tmp/proc_caller.rb:16:in `<main>'"]

(I'm trying to understand the changes in caller output between 1.8 and 1.9 and failing).

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Updated by marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune) about 13 years ago

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The expected output should be the same for
eval("p caller(0)", first.binding)
eval("p caller(0)", second.binding)
since the block has the same binding (i.e. that of second).

At the moment "p caller" is evaluated, both first and second have returned, so the output should not contain "proc_caller.rb:6". In neither case should we expect to see "proc_caller.rb:2:in `first'" in the backtrace.

It appears that when a block is captured (here by third), the binding is set the the full stack instead of just that of second. This leads to a longer backtrace, as seen with the output of caller or if an exception is raised in the eval.

Just to confirm that this bug is not present in Ruby 1.9; the output is quite sensible and the same from both first.binding and second.binding.

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