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enabling builds with llvm-gcc

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Recently I've made progress on building trunk using an MSYS + llvm-gcc v2.8 toolchain (Win7 32-bit Ultimate) but have run into a couple of issues I believe could be resolved via autotools mods. Unfortunately, I lack the expertise needed to submit a patch for your review and, sadly, lack the time/desire to invest in autotools as CMake and waf meet my needs.

The current build failures appear to be caused by the generated GNUMakefile. Specifically, the current failures 1 are caused by "dllwrap" and "windres" invocations in GNUMakefile 1 not using the correct driver program when "configure" is given env vars of CC=llvm-gcc, CXX=llvm-g++, and CPP=llvm-cpp. The fix is simply to give dllwrap a --driver-name option and windres a --preprocessor option and optionally a -DRC_INVOKED. There may be other required fixes after these two have been solved.

FYIW, I've tested these types of fixes by patching makefile's for Vim [2] and the RubyInstaller build recipe [3] for the OpenSSL dependency.

As I've recently updated the RubyInstaller build recipes to support building on Windows with multiple gcc-based toolchains [4] my goal is to resolve the few remaining build config issues so that MRI Ruby can be built with llvm-gcc (and others) on both Windows and *nix systems.

What specifically am I requesting?

I'm requesting the maintainer of ruby-core's build system work with me to resolve any, config.guess, config.sub, and any other issues that currently prevent llvm-gcc based builds. I can offer quick testing and feedback of any changes on a Win7 32-bit system as the RubyInstaller recipe mods [4] allow me to quickly build an MRI Ruby trunk from source (with dependencies) as simply as:

rake ruby19 local="C:\ruby-git-repo" dkver=llvm-32-2.8

Please feel free to contact me offline or reply if more info is needed.

Thank you,



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