Backport #6624

require_relative in 1.8

Added by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) about 8 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.




I know there is little chance that this will be included, as this month is now last
chance for any change in 1.8.x, as 1.8.x is dead, but still I suggest it. :)

Some things like lambda -> operator won't have an alternative for 1.8, so it
is not even possible to make all changes for 1.8.x anyway in backward compatible

But one thing that could perhaps have a 1.8.x version is require_relative, and
it is used a lot in 1.9.x

Folks could i.e. avoid the -> lambda, but still make use of require_relative,
and their gems would work on 1.8.x too.

The absolute filepath could be found out perhaps via


Hmm ok I know this has no chance to make it, no problem :)

I am on 1.9.3 finally myself!

Updated by rosenfeld (Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas) about 8 years ago

Porting the new Hash syntax to 1.8 would also be awesome ;)

Updated by shyouhei (Shyouhei Urabe) about 8 years ago

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Yes this is a nice feature to have. But last time I tried to backport it was not that trivial (at least to me).

So I'd like to see someone actually create a patch against the actual 1.8.x sourcecode.


Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) 12 months ago

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