Backport #7909

Backport r39366 - Create extension install directory before installing

Added by Eric Hodel almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Assignee:Eric Hodel


This fixed #7897.

The change is here:

This may be a work-around to a regression in mkmf.rb, though. See #7897 for discussion.

Related issues

Related to Ruby trunk - Bug #7897: rubygems 2.0 has an incompatibility about installation of extension libraries if gem package does not contain lib directory Closed 02/21/2013


#1 Updated by Yusuke Endoh almost 3 years ago

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Well, is it really ok to require "fileutils" just for mkdir_p?
If ok, please go ahead. Thank you.

Yusuke Endoh

#2 Updated by Eric Hodel almost 3 years ago

I think the require is redundant as FileUtils is required elsewhere. FileUtils is already used in other places in the installer.

#3 Updated by Eric Hodel almost 3 years ago

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Committed r39392

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