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Wrong encoding for Windows native error messages

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Ruby uses console's encoding/code page for Windows native error messages, but that's wrong. Windows error messages aren't related to console at all. To get code page for WinAPI ANSI (A) functions have to use (())

But even better would be to use Wide/Unicode (W) functions then don't have to worry about encoding as everything would be UTF-16

I've localized version of Windows and so all error messages are translated.

Here's (()) script (windows-1257 is code page used by windows for me so by changing to it I get correct output)

Output on (()) (it's exactly same for 1.9.3) (that error message "Sistēma nevar atrast norādīto failu." means "The system cannot find the file specified")

It's probably not only place where are such issue with encoding.


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Can you update the gist or provide here, inline with the ticket, the output you're receiving? It will be much faster for developers to be able to see the specific error than guessing the output.

It is normal to receive translated responses, question on how these error messages gets translated and formatted might not be relevant. If you can provide the specific that is affecting you, will be much appreciated.

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I did put links to gist in post. Output on "Ruby 2.0" (that's link). But ok here output again:


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It's already fixed at trunk by a part of r41838.

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