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Invalid encoding for Windows Registry

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It's not possible to correctly read non-ASCII registry values. It's also not possible to write them with correct encoding.

to test import (())

then (())

Output on Ruby 2.0 (it's same for 1.9.3 except encoding is US-ASCII not UTF-8, but both are wrong)

N:\Projects>ruby test3.rb

(it hangs here)

screenshot of registry after running it ((URL:

seems that whoever wrote Ruby code to interact with WinAPI had no idea about encodings/code pages Windows uses as there's loads of issues and they've been for years.

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Code in win32/registry predates the presence of encoding support built in Ruby (started in 1.9.1 and greater)

Feel free to send a patch that uses Wide characters functions to perform these operations, but don't bluntly assume people don't have idea on this topic.

If you have been affected by this for so many years, a better use of your time will be provide a patch instead of aggressively complaining.

The principle of Open Source is "scratch your own itch".

Updated by davispuh (Dāvis Mosāns) about 7 years ago

Sorry, I didn't wanted to sound too arrogant and I didn't meant this issue specially, but proper encoding/Unicode support overall. For me it's just hard to understand why it wasn't implemented properly in first place. I encountered these issues only now recently as quite rarely have to deal with Unicode characters in some places. But this is 4th encoding related issue I've submitted in last 2 months and it's a bit annoying. Especially as Ruby language didn't came out this year, but some while ago so there shouldn't be many problems. Even just reporting issues takes time. Of course I could fix it myself and I actually live with "If you want something done, do it yourself" but sadly I don't really have time now and it's not so important as other things I've to do. So maybe later after some months when I'll have time I might fix it myself if there won't be any progress. Anyway thanks.


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r41838, r41844, r41936, r41845, r41847, r41848, r41849, r41856, r41936, r43026, and hopefully str_fill_term fixes.


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It's already fixed at trunk by a part of r41838.

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Oh, sorry, the previous message was wrong.
Please forget about it.


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