Backport #9368

Typo in documentation of REXML.entity_expansion_text_limit=

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In the module rexml/document there are a number of ways to change the variable @@entity_expansion_limit. The default value for this in the code is 10_000 (line 208 in the used version). The deprecated method Document::entity_expansion_text_limit= has a comment that says the default is 10240.

I haven't look at version 2.0 and above, so I'm not sure if these problems still exist in there.


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Thanks for your report!
It had been fixed in r39388. The fix had been merged in 2.0.0 but not in 1.9.3.

usa, could you confirm it?


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Applied in changeset r44735.

merge revision(s) 39388: [Backport #9368]

* lib/rexml/document.rb (REXML::Document.entity_expansion_text_limit):
  fix a typo in comment in r39384.

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