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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
15047 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned Documentation and more functions for Hash functions in C API docs 03/20/2019 01:24 AM Actions
9758 Ruby trunk Feature Open Allow setting SSLContext#extra_chain_cert in Net::HTTP openssl 03/18/2019 10:12 PM Actions
10098 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned [PATCH] Timing-safe string comparison for OpenSSL::HMAC openssl 02/07/2019 07:40 AM Actions
15268 Ruby trunk Bug Open Solarisでtest/drb/test_drbssl.rbが落ちる openssl 11/06/2018 03:48 PM Actions
15210 Ruby trunk Bug Open UTF-8 BOM should be removed from String in internal representation docs 10/12/2018 06:44 PM Actions
10791 Ruby trunk Misc Assigned [PATCH 1/1] Remove unnecessary passing value from doc for Observable docs 08/10/2018 10:51 AM Actions
12252 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Clarify Thread exception handling documentation. docs 08/09/2018 10:46 AM Actions
14347 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned Explain How Symbols Differ From Strings in Symbol's Rdoc docs 08/09/2018 10:45 AM Actions
9822 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Ruby doesn't respect system OpenSSL configuration openssl 02/06/2018 03:41 AM Actions
10560 Ruby trunk Misc Assigned confusion between x=x+y, x+=y, x.concat(y) and y.each{|z| x<<z} zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/05/2018 09:02 PM Actions
10239 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Regexp.quote() and default encoding zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/05/2018 09:01 PM Actions
9998 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned docs state that define_singleton_method returns a proc if passed a block zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/05/2018 09:01 PM Actions
9712 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Dir.entries replace Unicode character with questionmarks zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/05/2018 09:00 PM Actions
9266 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned dead links to rubyforge zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/05/2018 09:00 PM Actions
9235 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Documentation for commercial support zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/05/2018 09:00 PM Actions
8952 Ruby trunk Bug Feedback [DOC] required keyword arguments zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/05/2018 09:00 PM Actions
9138 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned make initialize_copy private zzak (Zachary Scott) 12/25/2017 06:15 PM Actions
12735 Ruby trunk Feature Feedback TCP Server documentation improvement zzak (Zachary Scott) 03/01/2017 08:42 PM Actions
13100 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned OpenSSL::PKey::EC#public_keyでGroup情報がコピーされない。 openssl 01/08/2017 05:51 AM Actions
12045 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Add documentation lib/debug.rb zzak (Zachary Scott) 02/03/2016 07:44 AM Actions
5102 Ruby trunk Feature Feedback [ext/openssl] Purpose of / Allow changing the password openssl 09/13/2015 03:33 AM Actions
5103 Ruby trunk Feature Feedback [ext/openssl] Object equality for objects based on ASN.1 structures openssl 09/13/2015 03:32 AM Actions
6493 Ruby trunk Bug Feedback OpenSSL::SSL ignores DN if subjectAltName is specified openssl 09/13/2015 03:32 AM Actions
8720 Ruby trunk Bug Open ECB mode seems to be broken openssl 09/13/2015 03:30 AM Actions
10519 Ruby trunk Feature Open TLS Renegotiation openssl 09/13/2015 03:29 AM Actions
9613 Ruby trunk Feature Open Warn about unsafe ossl ciphers openssl 09/13/2015 03:27 AM Actions
9833 Ruby trunk Bug Open OpenSSL::X509::Certificate#inspect がわかりにくくなっている openssl 09/13/2015 03:26 AM Actions
6133 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned SSLSocketをshutdownできない openssl 09/13/2015 03:22 AM Actions
6047 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned read_all: Grow buffer exponentially in generic case openssl 09/13/2015 03:19 AM Actions
8178 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned OpenSSL::PKCS7::SignerInfo openssl 09/13/2015 03:13 AM Actions
8219 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned ruby 2.0.0-p0 socket.recv MSG_OOB problem? openssl 09/13/2015 03:11 AM Actions
9504 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned X509 certificate incorrectly loaded (because of try-pem-first-else-asn1) openssl 09/13/2015 03:10 AM Actions
9830 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned Support for GOST private/public keys openssl 09/13/2015 03:10 AM Actions
7400 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned Incorporate OpenSSL tests from JRuby. openssl 09/13/2015 03:08 AM Actions
10691 Ruby trunk Bug Open Bad or Non-existent class names listed on 'Index of Files, Classes & Methods in Ruby' page. zzak (Zachary Scott) 01/02/2015 03:14 PM Actions
10513 Ruby trunk Misc Open instance_eval yields the receiver, but is documented to yield no arguments zzak (Zachary Scott) 11/14/2014 10:29 PM Actions
10303 Ruby trunk Bug Open rb_data_type_t need to be described in README.EXT zzak (Zachary Scott) 09/28/2014 11:49 AM Actions
10110 Ruby trunk Bug Feedback Exception handling is not well documented zzak (Zachary Scott) 08/08/2014 02:40 PM Actions
9574 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Inconsistent behavior between Kernel#Float and to_f zzak (Zachary Scott) 05/25/2014 01:42 AM Actions
9136 Ruby trunk Misc Assigned Deprecated, method) bad for BasicObject zzak (Zachary Scott) 11/23/2013 03:58 AM Actions
8637 Ruby trunk Feature Open I18n documentation zzak (Zachary Scott) 09/27/2013 12:56 AM Actions
8905 Ruby trunk Misc Open Add documentation to semantics of method default arguments zzak (Zachary Scott) 09/27/2013 12:39 AM Actions

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