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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
16044 Ruby master Bug Open Float::ROUNDS (FLT_ROUNDS) should not be a constant. 08/06/2019 05:13 PM Actions
1450 Backport187 Backport Closed Tempfile and extended Enumerable 07/15/2019 03:12 PM Actions
2665 Backport187 Backport Closed compatibility issue of BigDecimal#** and #power 07/15/2019 03:58 PM Actions
892 Ruby master Bug Closed test/ruby/test_metaclass.rb: no such file to load -- ~/dev/metaclass_util/metaclass_util 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1638 Ruby master Bug Closed called on terminated object 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1481 Ruby master Bug Closed exact Time and inexact Time 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
923 Ruby master Bug Closed `initialize_copy': wrong argument type #<Class:0x825d23c> (expected Data) (TypeError) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
987 Ruby master Bug Closed Socket.getaddrinfo("", 80) returns only UDP information 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
5730 Ruby master Bug Closed Optinal block parameters assigns wrong 12/13/2011 05:50 AM Actions
2591 Ruby master Bug Closed ENV.[]= should raise an error on failure 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
4536 Ruby master Bug Closed 定数参照について1.8と1.9の違い matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 06/13/2011 01:42 PM Actions
7261 Ruby master Bug Closed Symbol#to_proc to retrieve a method from current refinement shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/02/2012 02:48 PM Actions
7262 Ruby master Bug Closed module extension (#include/#prepend) in refinements shugo (Shugo Maeda) 12/13/2012 07:21 AM Actions
11301 Ruby master Bug Closed Module#prepend should have always added the module before the current 07/05/2019 09:07 PM Actions
431 Ruby master Bug Closed <=> 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
867 Ruby master Bug Closed pty hang 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
930 Ruby master Bug Closed [m17n] TestCSVFeatures fails because of r20905 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
7517 Ruby master Feature Closed Fixnum::MIN,MAX matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 07/02/2019 01:20 PM Actions
818 Ruby master Feature Closed Enumerator#inspect matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1119 Ruby master Feature Closed with_index_from 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1492 Ruby master Feature Closed enhancement of Array#drop 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
5653 Ruby master Feature Closed "I strongly discourage the use of autoload in any standard libraries" (Re: autoload will be dead) matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 02/07/2019 07:02 AM Actions
850 Ruby master Feature Closed Symbian patch for 1.9.x matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
2325 Ruby master Feature Closed Dir instance methods for relative path 08/28/2014 01:14 AM Actions
13067 Ruby master Feature Closed TrueClass,FalseClass to provide `===` to match truthy/falsy values. matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 01/19/2017 09:22 AM Actions
11296 Ruby master Bug Rejected Proc#arity returns weird value for non-lambda proc with optional arguments 06/30/2015 03:15 AM Actions
1211 Ruby master Feature Rejected nested loop construct matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 02/08/2012 03:29 AM Actions

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