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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
13251 Ruby trunk Bug Closed [DOC] Add rdoc for Integer.sqrt stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) 02/26/2017 12:59 PM Actions
13262 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Docs of core classes (Math and others) are shadowed by mathn.rb docs 04/21/2017 03:01 PM Actions
13268 Ruby trunk Bug Closed [DOC] Restore docs for String#<< stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) 03/14/2017 01:09 AM Actions
13273 Ruby trunk Bug Closed [DOC] Proc#call docs show "Document-method: []" directive stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) 03/27/2017 05:38 PM Actions
13275 Ruby trunk Bug Open RDoc bug for "Document-method: []" 06/03/2017 11:57 AM Actions
13281 Ruby trunk Bug Closed [DOC] OptionParser docs leak into class documentation of Object stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) 03/25/2017 06:28 PM Actions
13306 Ruby trunk Bug Closed [DOC] rdoc for IO#puts stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) 09/10/2017 02:46 AM Actions
13312 Ruby trunk Bug Closed String#casecmp raises TypeError instead of returning nil stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) 06/29/2017 04:54 PM Actions
13414 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Backport various revisions (documentation related) 04/12/2017 07:53 PM Actions
13420 Ruby trunk Feature Closed Integer#{round,floor,ceil,truncate} should always return an integer, not a float stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) 06/29/2017 04:29 PM Actions
13422 Ruby trunk Bug Closed etc.gemspec is invalid (typo) hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/11/2017 06:08 PM Actions
13440 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Integer.sqrt produces wrong results 04/16/2017 06:27 AM Actions
13487 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Update ri man page (and others) 01/31/2018 11:43 AM Actions
13492 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Integer#prime? and Prime.each might produce false positives marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune) 06/29/2017 04:42 PM Actions
13493 Ruby trunk Bug Closed `make realclean` removes aclocal.m4 and enc/jis/props.h 03/28/2018 05:30 AM Actions
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