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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
595Ruby trunkBugAssignedFiber ignores ensure clauseKoichi Sasada01/31/2017 07:22 AM
614Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedinstance_method(ancestor)Yukihiro Matsumoto10/27/2012 04:33 AM
836Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedPatches for StringScanner, adding #size, #captures and #values_atNobuyoshi Nakada11/24/2012 01:11 PM
855Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedHTTP/1.1 fixes and other enhancements to webrickHiroshi Nakamura11/20/2012 09:12 PM
908Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedShould be an easy way of reading N characters from am I/O streamAkira Tanaka10/27/2012 04:41 AM
1388Ruby trunkBugAssignedcygwin-1.7, gcc4-4.3, and ruby-1.9. make btest #236 test_io.rb Segmentation faultNobuyoshi Nakada02/18/2013 09:06 PM
1482Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedKernel.exec doesn't respect COMSPEC environment variable on WindowsNobuyoshi Nakada01/30/2014 06:16 AM
1586Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedIncluding a module already present in ancestors should not be ignoredYukihiro Matsumoto12/24/2012 07:01 PM
1644Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedrecv on inherited socket wrapped in TCPSocket does not read data, on WindowsUsaku NAKAMURA10/31/2012 04:22 PM
1868Ruby trunkBugAssignedERB single line comment does not workMasatoshi Seki01/19/2015 01:43 PM
1873Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackMatchData#[]: Omits All But Last Captures Corresponding to the Same Named GroupYui NARUSE10/27/2012 04:49 AM
2013Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned[PATCH] a = *b calls b.*@Yukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 08:51 PM
2034Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedConsider the ICU Library for Improving and Expanding Unicode SupportYui NARUSE11/20/2012 08:50 PM
2080Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedProc#to_source, Method#to_sourceYukihiro Matsumoto03/01/2015 06:12 AM
2149Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedPathname#include?Akira Tanaka10/25/2012 05:20 PM
2152Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedSplit functionality of Float#inspect and Float#to_sYukihiro Matsumoto11/24/2012 09:26 AM
2154Ruby trunkBugAssignedfilesystem encoding of UNIXAkira Tanaka02/18/2013 09:09 PM
2255Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedunicode parameters cannot be passed to rubyUsaku NAKAMURA01/30/2014 06:16 AM
2294Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned[PATCH] ruby_bind_stack() to embed Ruby in coroutineKoichi Sasada01/30/2014 06:16 AM
2323Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned"Z".."Z".succが空Yukihiro Matsumoto10/25/2012 05:37 PM
2324Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedDir instance methods for relative pathNobuyoshi Nakada08/28/2014 01:21 AM
2348Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedRBTree Should be Added to the Standard LibraryYukihiro Matsumoto01/21/2014 05:06 PM
2447Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedreduce GC pressure by symbol table without String instanceYusuke Endoh11/20/2012 02:45 AM
2567Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedNet::HTTP does not handle encoding correctlyYui NARUSE03/08/2016 02:25 PM
2631Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedAllow IO#reopen to take a blockShyouhei Urabe10/27/2012 05:51 AM
2673Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedthe length for an enumerator generated by Array#permutation and Array#combinationYukihiro Matsumoto10/27/2012 05:14 AM
2709Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned$VERBOSE, $DEBUG and Kernel#sprintfShyouhei Urabe10/27/2012 09:54 AM
2710Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedKernel#load loads a relative pathAkira Tanaka10/27/2012 05:30 AM
2715Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackOptimization to avoid spawning shell in Kernel#system call should check for failure conditionsAkira Tanaka11/20/2012 11:00 PM
2740Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedExtend const_missing to pass in the nestingYukihiro Matsumoto02/12/2017 04:22 PM
2756Ruby trunkBugAssignedIssues with Math and Complex behavior on 1.9Kenta Murata02/17/2013 03:42 PM
2968Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned数値の正負を返すメソッドKenta Murata10/28/2012 12:08 AM
3001Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackRuby stdlib: Benchmark::Tms #memberwise drops labels05/24/2016 01:42 PM
3072Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedClasses Inheriting from DataYukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 08:50 PM
3128Ruby trunkBugAssignedRandomness specsYukihiro Matsumoto04/18/2013 05:59 AM
3163Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedSyntaxError when using variable which is also a method in current scope with a Symbol argumentYukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 09:20 PM
3187Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAllow dynamic Fiber stack sizeKoichi Sasada07/20/2016 02:03 AM
3219Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedassert now passes non-boolean resultsorah Shota Fukumori02/14/2014 10:12 AM
3269Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedBigMath.tan がないKenta Murata10/25/2012 05:46 PM
3270Ruby trunkBugAssignedBigMath.exp が絶対値が大きな引数で遅いKenta Murata02/17/2013 03:40 PM
3289Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedDivision of negative numbersYukihiro Matsumoto04/26/2013 07:26 PM
3300Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackonig_number_of_captures に相当するメソッド Regexp#ncaptureYui NARUSE11/20/2012 09:14 PM
3328Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedKernel#p outputs as default_internal encoding, and so onMasaya Tarui10/25/2012 09:48 PM
3333Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedmkmf (have|find)_cxx_headerNobuyoshi Nakada01/27/2014 10:35 PM
3337Ruby trunkBugAssignedMS-DOS device names are identified as readable_realUsaku NAKAMURA10/31/2012 04:28 PM
3356Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAdd GetShortPathName to rubyUsaku NAKAMURA01/21/2016 02:27 PM
3388Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackregexp support for start_with? and end_with?Yui NARUSE11/24/2012 10:10 AM
3434Ruby trunkBugAssignedSpecs for coercion?Marc-Andre Lafortune04/18/2013 05:59 AM
3447Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedargument delegationYukihiro Matsumoto02/14/2014 10:10 AM
3450Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedFormat Strings with Named Arguments & Hash#defaultNobuyoshi Nakada11/21/2012 11:50 PM
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