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11328Backport22BackportOpenMemory leak in str_buf_cat?07/03/2015 08:36 PM
11327Ruby trunkBugOpenImprove duplicate key warning. Zachary Scott07/03/2015 07:30 PM
11326Ruby trunkBugOpenDefining a writer as a Struct member allowed?07/03/2015 09:25 AM
10594Ruby trunkBugOpenNumeric#clamp07/03/2015 07:15 AM
11174Ruby trunkBugOpenthreads memory leak07/02/2015 03:48 PM
11322Ruby trunkBugOpenOpenUri: RuntimeError: HTTP redirection loopAkira Tanaka07/02/2015 08:08 AM
4897Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedDefine Math::TAU and BigMath.TAU. The "true" circle constant, Tau=2*Pi. See Matsumoto07/02/2015 07:36 AM
11323Ruby trunkFeatureOpenDocumentation update on how uniq works / guarantee of order07/02/2015 03:34 AM
11139Ruby trunkFeatureFeedback[PATCH] socket: support accept `sock_nonblock: (true|false)'Akira Tanaka07/02/2015 01:30 AM
6284Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAdd composition for procsYukihiro Matsumoto07/01/2015 03:52 PM
3351Ruby trunkBugOpenstack overflow on superKoichi Sasada07/01/2015 09:27 AM
11309Ruby trunkFeatureOpenIterator over string matches07/01/2015 08:35 AM
11312Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::SPFAkira Tanaka07/01/2015 03:26 AM
10585Ruby trunkFeatureOpenstruct: speedup struct.attr = v for first 10 attributes and struct[:attr] for big structs06/30/2015 08:18 PM
10871Ruby trunkBugOpenSclass thread unsafe due to CREF sharingKoichi Sasada06/30/2015 06:55 PM
5600Ruby trunkBugAssignedOpenSSL::X509::Request can't sign() an OpenSSL::PKey::ECMartin Bosslet06/30/2015 03:38 AM
11311Ruby trunkBugOpenSTRING::Scan method badly interpret i option - Ruby 2.1.* 06/29/2015 11:21 PM
11316Ruby trunkBugOpenruby 2.2 on Windows generates incorrect BAT files for gems06/29/2015 09:05 AM
11315Ruby trunkFeatureOpen[PATCH] Add Array#^ for parity with other set-like operations.06/29/2015 05:05 AM
11001Ruby trunkBugFeedback2.2.1 Segmentation fault in reserve_stack() function.06/28/2015 05:26 AM
11308Ruby trunkFeatureOpenOptional `include_super=true` parameter for `*method_defined?` methods06/27/2015 02:26 AM
11313Ruby trunkBugOpenFixed a couple of typosEric Hodel06/26/2015 10:47 PM
11310Ruby trunkBugOpenCSV::Table#to_csv should use concat not +06/26/2015 03:16 PM
10460Ruby trunkBugOpenSegfault instead of stack level too deepNobuyoshi Nakada06/26/2015 10:16 AM
11307Ruby trunkFeatureOpenexception-free non-blocking Queue#popYukihiro Matsumoto06/25/2015 11:06 PM
11305Ruby trunkFeatureOpen[ipaddr] include the IP address in question within the InvalidAddressError exception message06/25/2015 04:25 AM
11302Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedDir.entries and Dir.foreach without [".", ".."]Yukihiro Matsumoto06/24/2015 03:44 PM
11304Ruby trunkBugOpen[PATCH] Kernel.global_variables should observe $~.06/24/2015 11:08 AM
10398Ruby trunkBugOpenServer Name Indication support broken when reusing a (dead) sessionMartin Bosslet06/24/2015 08:41 AM
10278Ruby trunkMiscAssigned[RFC] st.c: use ccan linked list Eric Wong06/24/2015 08:20 AM
11301Ruby trunkBugOpenModule#prepend should have always added the module before the current06/24/2015 06:54 AM
11247Ruby trunkBugAssignedShould position of `using` affect the behavior?Koichi Sasada06/24/2015 06:07 AM
11300Ruby trunkBugFeedback[PATCH] Add String#bin for parity with #hex and #oct.06/24/2015 03:08 AM
11299Ruby trunkFeatureOpen[PATCH] use Array instead of custom struct for generic ivarsEric Wong06/24/2015 12:38 AM
11297Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAllow private method of self to be called06/23/2015 01:27 PM
11295Ruby trunkMiscOpenRequest for comments about error messages06/23/2015 01:58 AM
11276Ruby trunkMiscOpen[RFC] compile.c: convert to use ccan/listKoichi Sasada06/22/2015 07:38 PM
11158Ruby trunkFeatureOpenIntroduce a Symbol.count API as a more efficient alternative to Symbol.all_symbols.sizeKoichi Sasada06/22/2015 06:07 PM
11292Ruby trunkFeatureOpenobjspace: Dump type of special constsAman Gupta06/22/2015 04:22 AM
10968Ruby trunkBugFeedback[BUG] object allocation during garbage collection phase in /opt/rubies/ruby-2.2.1/lib/ruby/2.2.0/openssl/ssl.rb:177Koichi Sasada06/21/2015 12:30 PM
11181Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd a line directive to Rubyruby-core06/21/2015 07:13 AM
11290Ruby trunkBugOpenAbort: 6 error running sample app06/20/2015 02:35 PM
11282Ruby trunkBugOpenruby.exe never run. ebtry point not found06/20/2015 09:41 AM
11286Ruby trunkFeatureOpen[PATCH] Add case equality arity to Enumerable's sequence predicates.Yukihiro Matsumoto06/20/2015 01:13 AM
11289Ruby trunkBugOpenSegmentation fault with 2.2.2 on OpenWRT06/19/2015 10:11 PM
11273Ruby trunkBugOpen[PATCH] Make it possible to `load` from a FIFO file06/19/2015 12:59 PM
11266Ruby trunkFeatureOpen[PATCH] WEBrick: allow subclassing of Response and Request06/19/2015 09:39 AM
5455Ruby trunkFeatureOpen$SAFE should be removedHiroshi SHIBATA06/18/2015 02:22 PM
11275Ruby trunkBugOpenRFC3986_Parser accepts invalid URIs containing %06/17/2015 10:23 PM
11274Ruby trunkBugOpenEquality inconsistency between Method and UnboundMethodYukihiro Matsumoto06/17/2015 03:12 PM

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