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2080Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedNormalProc#to_source, Method#to_sourceYukihiro Matsumoto03/01/2015 06:12 AM
10922Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalTracePoint#binding may return nil in Ruby 2.2Yui NARUSE03/01/2015 06:03 AM
10920Ruby trunkBugOpenNormaluninitialized constant LoadErroe03/01/2015 05:45 AM
10548Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalremove callcc (Callcc is now going obsoleted. Please use Fiber.)03/01/2015 02:52 AM
10902Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalrequire("enumerator") scans LOAD_PATH 2x on every invocation02/28/2015 09:49 PM
10919Ruby trunkBugOpenNormal[gem install] installs multipe platformsEric Hodel02/28/2015 05:44 PM
10878Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalrequire: cannot load such file02/28/2015 05:02 PM
10906Ruby trunkBugFeedbackNormalProblem building on Solaris 10 - symbol rb_infinity not found02/28/2015 06:46 AM
10850Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalBigDecimal division incorrectruby-core02/28/2015 02:14 AM
10917Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalAdd GC.stat[:total_time] when GC profiling enabled02/27/2015 11:19 PM
10916Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalWhat the Ruby? SegFault?02/27/2015 08:44 PM
10844Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackNormalTracePoint API needs an event to inform about creating/removing a new frame without calling somethingKoichi Sasada02/27/2015 06:21 PM
10914Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalAlways reproducible crash on FreeBSD with unicorn and 2.2.0p0 (2.1.5p273 too)02/27/2015 05:58 PM
10915Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalError in FTPTest#test_abort and test_status on Solaris02/27/2015 04:47 PM
10912Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalAdd method(s) to IPAddr for determining whether an address is link local02/27/2015 02:23 AM
10911Ruby should ignore zone identifiers02/26/2015 11:36 PM
10910Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalNoMethodError when opening SSL connection with OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER set and anonymous ciphers allowed02/26/2015 10:54 PM
10882Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalProvide Levenshtein distance implementation as part of stdlib02/26/2015 03:56 PM
10909Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormal[PATCH 2/2] math.c: Direct casting from Rational to double.02/26/2015 12:59 PM
8544Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalOpenURI should open 'file://' URIs02/25/2015 11:02 PM
10600Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormal[PATCH] Queue#close02/25/2015 07:56 PM
10905Ruby trunkMiscOpenNormalAdditional documentation for Time#getlocal02/25/2015 09:25 AM
7747CommonRubyFeatureOpenNormalExpanded API for Binding semantics02/25/2015 09:15 AM
9790Ruby trunkBugAssignedNormalZlib::GzipReader only decompressed the first of concatenated filesEric Hodel02/25/2015 06:16 AM
10903Ruby trunkBugOpenNormal[PATCH] Matrix#zip returns a matrix02/25/2015 04:44 AM
10899Ruby trunkBugFeedbackNormalruby 2.2.0 darwin crash (in ripper?)02/25/2015 01:06 AM
10901Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalObject#singleton_methods behaves differently depending on whether the singleton_class exists02/24/2015 06:08 PM
10896Ruby trunkBugOpenLowFirst example in the documentation for URI::join shows incorrect result02/24/2015 06:05 PM
10900Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalGzipReader does not define `#external_encoding`02/24/2015 04:27 PM
10898Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalCannot compile Ruby 2.2.0 with configure error: something wrong with LDFLAGS=""02/24/2015 02:25 PM
10891Ruby trunkBugOpenNormal/[[:punct:]]/ POSIX group broken (with string literals?)ruby-core02/24/2015 10:03 AM
10229Ruby trunkBugFeedbackNormalRFC 5649 implementation in OpenSSL breaks Ruby.openssl02/24/2015 06:55 AM
10895Ruby trunkBugOpenNormal/usr/lib/ruby/2.2.0/socket.rb:232: [BUG] rb_sys_fail(getaddrinfo) - errno == 002/23/2015 08:47 PM
10855Ruby trunkBugOpenNormal[PATCH] Matrix#inverse returns matrix of integers whenever possibleMarc-Andre Lafortune02/23/2015 04:38 PM
10397Ruby trunkBugAssignedNormalgcc 4.1.2 for x86 can't build trunkYui NARUSE02/23/2015 04:35 PM
10883Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalPassing a block to itself02/23/2015 04:08 PM
10894Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalUnamed keyrest argument and a normal keyword argument disallow arbitrary keyword arguments02/23/2015 03:12 PM
10892Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalDeadlock in autoload02/23/2015 12:41 PM
9198Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalSegfault in TestException#test_machine_stackoverflow02/23/2015 11:25 AM
10869Ruby trunkFeatureOpenLowAdd support for option to pre-compile Ruby files02/23/2015 11:08 AM
10871Ruby trunkBugOpenHighSclass thread unsafe due to CREF sharing02/23/2015 10:41 AM
10561Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalImprove function of Thread::Backtrace::Location #path and #absolute_path02/23/2015 10:11 AM
10803Ruby trunkBugFeedbackNormal2.1.5: rb_gc_mark()Koichi Sasada02/23/2015 09:56 AM
10889Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalrdocでのスクリプトエンコーディングの挙動が違う02/23/2015 07:41 AM
10888Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalDFS recursive implementation aborted02/23/2015 03:52 AM
10880Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalSubclassing Array from Enumerator02/22/2015 03:13 PM
10443Ruby trunkBugOpenNormalForking with contended mutex held can lead to deadlock in child process upon unlockMotohiro KOSAKI02/22/2015 06:56 AM
10881Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalNoMethodError#receiever02/21/2015 08:22 PM
10879Ruby trunkFeatureOpenNormalUnboundMethod#to_proc02/21/2015 07:56 PM
10875Backport21BackportOpenNormalbackport r48666 lib/uri/generic.rb ( 08:22 PM

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