Bug #1771

Updated by Yusuke Endoh almost 3 years ago



I am very happy from progress in Unicode support on Windows.

There is issue describing pending functionality regarding files (http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/1685). But I found another important area - opening processes.

This code shows not working (if that file exists, it is not opened by notepad) functions:
# encoding: UTF-8

fname = "của_zufällige_žluťoučký_გამეორებ_разлога_和新加坡以及东.txt"

system("notepad.exe #{fname}")
IO.popen("notepad.exe #{fname}")
Open3.popen3("notepad.exe #{fname}")

I tried to open notepad from command line with same parameters and it works.

Best regards

PS: I am sorry if I choose wrong fix version...