Feature #8321

Updated by Nobuyoshi Nakada about 3 years ago

Ripper gives the (({[line, column]})) [line, column] coordinates for identifiers, strings, and numbers.

I would like it if it appended those coordinates to most of the block keywords,
including (({:program})), (({:if})), (({:while})), (({:unless})), (({:end})), (({:def})), (({:class})), (({:module})), :program, :if, :while, :unless, :end, :def, :class, :module, etc. As with the
identifiers, it should go at the end. So an (({if}))-block if-block would be represented as

[0] :if



[3] [:elsif, ...] || [:else, ...] || nil

[4] [lineNo, colNo] # location of the leading :if/:elsif/:else/:unless

I currently get the first coordinate of ((%CONDITION%)), CONDITION, and then look up the preceding
(({:if}))/(({:elsif}))/(({:else})) :if/:elsif/:else using (({Ripper.lex(src).find_all{|posn Ripper.lex(src).find_all{|posn kwd name| kwd == :on_kw && %w/if else elsif/.include?(name) }})) }

So the info is in Ripper. It would be more convenient if I could get that info in the src tree.

Note that my suggestion won't break (most) existing code, as the new data goes at the end
of the list.

The same would be useful for other keywords, including (({:module})) (({:class})) (({:def})) (({:try})) (({:catch})) (({:begin})) (({:rescue})).
:module :class :def :try :catch :begin :rescue