From 02/23/2013 to 03/01/2013


05:46 PM Revision 39550: * array.c: typo in comment patch by Nami-Doc [Github fixes #253]
zzak (Zachary Scott)
04:37 PM Revision 39549: Suppress warning: uninitialized value
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
04:36 PM Revision 39548: * 2013-03-02
04:36 PM Revision 39547: * Merge Onigmo 0fe387da2fee089254f6b04990541c731a26757f
v5.13.3 [Bug#7972] [Bug#7974] naruse (Yui NARUSE)
04:55 AM Revision 39546: * properties.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:10 AM Revision 39545: Fixed ticket reference for r39542
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
02:09 AM Revision 39544: * lib/fileutils.rb: Revert r34669 which altered the way
metaprogramming in FileUtils occurred. [ruby-trunk - Bug #7958]
* test/fileutils/visibility_tests.rb: Refactored t...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
12:18 AM Revision 39543: * lib/psych.rb: specify in rdoc what object is returned in parser
By Adam Stankiewicz [Github tenderlove/psych#133] zzak (Zachary Scott)


10:25 PM Revision 39542: * lib/rubygems/ext/builder.rb: Fix incompatibilities when installing
extensions. Patch by Nobu.
[ruby-trunk - Bug #7968] [ruby-trunk - Bug #7971]
* lib/rubygems/ext/ext_conf_builder.r...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
06:27 PM Revision 39541: * 2013-03-01
06:27 PM Revision 39540: * ext/psych/lib/psych.rb: rdoc for Psych overview by Adam Stankiewicz
[Github tenderlove/psych#134] zzak (Zachary Scott)
02:04 PM Revision 39539: * compile.c (iseq_compile_each): remove redundant trace(line)
instruction. for example, at the following script
def m()
compiler ignores `1' because th...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
01:29 PM Revision 39538: * ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (inspect_sockaddr): don't show that Unix
domain socket filename is bigger than sizeof(sun_path).
This limit is not rigid on some platforms such as Darwin an...
akr (Akira Tanaka)
12:35 PM Revision 39537: * avoid warning "WARNING: Unrecognized options: --with-PACKAGE".
eban (Hirofumi WATANABE)
11:26 AM Revision 39536: * iseq.c (iseq_data_to_ary): fix condition.
r34303 introduces a bug to avoid all line information from
a result of ISeq#to_a. This is a regression problem from...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
04:30 AM Revision 39535: win32.c: fix type
* win32/win32.c (constat_attr): fix type of attributes. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:30 AM Revision 39534: win32.c: suppress warning
* win32/win32.c (set_env_val): get rid of intger overflow warning by
VC 11.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


11:20 PM Revision 39533: * lib/rubygems/available_set.rb: Undent for style
* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Pick latest prerelease gem to
install. Fixes RubyGems bug #468.
* test/ru...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
08:36 PM Revision 39532: * thread.c: rdoc formatting for Thread, ThreadGroup, and ThreadError
zzak (Zachary Scott)
05:43 PM Revision 39531: * 2013-02-28
05:43 PM Revision 39530: * vm.c: Typo in overview for example of Thread#status returning false
Reported by Lee Jarvis zzak (Zachary Scott)
01:55 PM Revision 39529: * ext/socket/rubysocket.h (union_sockaddr): make it longer for SunOS
and Darwin. akr (Akira Tanaka)
12:24 PM Revision 39528: * lib/rexml/security.rb (REXML::Security): create.
* lib/rexml/rexml.rb: move entity_expansion_limit and
entity_expansion_text_limit accessors to ...
* lib/rexml/secu...
kou (Kouhei Sutou)
10:54 AM Revision 39527: * vm.c (Thread): fix typos in overview
Eregon (Benoit Daloze)
08:08 AM Revision 39526: * ruby.c (is_option_with_optarg): macro for optional argument option.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:24 AM Revision 39525: escape double-quotes
* (unexpand_shvar): escape double-quotes in backquotes in
double-quotes for some shells. [Bug #7959]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:47 AM Revision 39524: win32.c: suppress warnings
* win32/win32.c (set_env_val): reuse size of typedef to suppress
unused-local-typedefs warnings from gcc 4.8 and re...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:47 AM Revision 39523: thread_win32.c: suppress warning
* thread_win32.c (native_sleep): constify local variable to suppress a
false positive might-be-clobbered warning.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:22 AM Revision 39522: * vm.c (Thread): Typo in overview, swap setting and getting
zzak (Zachary Scott)
04:02 AM Revision 39521: * vm.c (Thread): Documentation overview of Thread class
zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:58 AM Revision 39520: * thread.c (rb_thread_wakeup): rdoc formatting
zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:53 AM Revision 39519: thread.c (rb_thread_group): rdoc formatting
zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:36 AM Revision 39518: * lib/ostruct.rb: Typo in OpenStruct overview [Github Fixes #251]
Patch by Chun-wei Kuo zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:22 AM Revision 39517: * vm_exec.h (END_INSN): llvm-gcc may optimize out reg_cfp and cause
Stack/cfp consistency error when the instruction doesn't use reg_cfp.
Usually instructions use PUSH() but for examp...
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
01:24 AM Revision 39516: * thread.c (thread_raise_m): rdoc formatting
zzak (Zachary Scott)
01:16 AM Revision 39515: * 2013-02-27
01:16 AM Revision 39514: remove no longer used variable
* (unexpand_shvar): remove variable which is no longer
used since r39506. [Bug #7959]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


02:35 PM Revision 39511: Fix typos... Sorry...
entity_expansion_limit ->
kou (Kouhei Sutou)
02:34 PM Revision 39510: * lib/rexml/document.rb: move entity_expansion_limit accessor to ...
* lib/rexml/rexml.rb: ... here for consistency.
* lib/rexml/document.rb (REXML::Document.entity_expansion_limit):
kou (Kouhei Sutou)
02:30 PM Revision 39509: * lib/rexml/document.rb: move entity_expansion_limit accessor to ...
* lib/rexml/rexml.rb: ... here to make rexml/text independent from
REXML::Document. It causes circular require.
* l...
kou (Kouhei Sutou)
06:39 AM Revision 39508: * ChangeLog: fix typo
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
06:12 AM Revision 39507: mkconfig.rb: reconstruct comma separated list values
* tool/mkconfig.rb: reconstruct comma separated list values. a
command line to Windows batch file is splitted not ...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
06:04 AM Revision 39506: non-portable shell behavior
* (unexpand_shvar): get rid of non-portable shell
behavior on OpenBSD, so no extra quotes. [Bug #7959]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:31 AM Revision 39505: test_keyword.rb: suppress warning
* test/ruby/test_keyword.rb (TestKeywordArguments#m1): suppress
argument prefix warning.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:24 AM Revision 39504: parse.y: keyword argument without paren
* parse.y (IS_LABEL_POSSIBLE): allow labels for keyword arguments just
after method definition without a parenthesi...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


07:52 PM Revision 39502: * error.c: clarify reason for sleep in SignalException example
zzak (Zachary Scott)
06:43 PM Revision 39501: * error.c: clarify a document of SignalException. Process.kill()
doesn't have any guarantee when signal will be delivered.
[Bug #7951] [ruby-core:52864]
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
03:54 PM Revision 39500: * 2013-02-26
03:54 PM Revision 39499: * ext/Setup.nt: this file has not been used by default.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:59 PM Revision 39498: * test/ruby/test_fnmatch.rb: use assert_file.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:59 PM Revision 39497: envutil.rb: rename member
* test/ruby/envutil.rb (Test::Unit::Assertions::AssertFile): rename
member to get rid of conflict with a method of ...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:51 PM Revision 39496: version.h: bump RUBY_API_VERSION
* include/ruby/version.h: bump RUBY_API_VERSION same as RUBY_VERSION. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
12:18 PM Revision 39495: * string.c (str_byte_substr): don't set coderange if it's not known.
[Bug #7954] [ruby-dev:47108] naruse (Yui NARUSE)
08:10 AM Revision 39494: test_string.rb: defer ENUMERATORS_WANTARRAY to next major
* test/ruby/test_string.rb (TestString::ENUMERATOR_WANTARRAY): defer
new behavior to next major.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:10 AM Revision 39493: test_string.rb: ENUMERATORS_WANTARRAY
* test/ruby/test_string.rb (TestString::ENUMERATOR_WANTARRAY): name
test branching codition.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:47 AM Revision 39492: clean miniprelude.c
* (realclean-local): miniprelude.c is made by srcs, so it
should not removed by distclean but by realclea...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:30 AM Revision 39491: * lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Lazily load .gem/credentials to only
check permissions when necessary. RubyGems bug #465
* test/rubygems/test_gem_config_file.rb: Test for the above.
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
06:59 AM Revision 39490: depend: fix for static library on mswin
* enc/depend (ARFLAGS, RANLIB): these values can be nil. [Bug #7950] nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
06:47 AM Revision 39489: depend: fix for static library on mswin
* enc/depend (ARFLAGS): VisualC++ linker does not allow spaces between
output option and the output file name. [Bu...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:41 AM Revision 39488: mkmf.rb: default libdirname
* lib/mkmf.rb (MakeMakefile#init_mkmf): default libdirname to libdir.
* tool/rbinstall.rb: ditto.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:54 AM Revision 39487: string.c: STRING_ENUMERATORS_WANTARRAY
* string.c (STRING_ENUMERATORS_WANTARRAY): name preprocessing
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:12 AM Revision 39486: find Setup file automatically
* (setup): find Setup file from target_os 1. by
suffix (e.g. Setup.nacl, Setup.atheos), 2. by "platfor...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:10 AM Revision 39485: thread.c: remove unnecessary sentence
* thread.c (thread_start): initialize method is not concerned with
Thread.start and Thread.fork.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:50 AM Revision 39484: * thread.c: Document Thread::new, clean up ::fork and mention calling
super if subclassing Thread zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:40 AM Revision 39483: * ext/socket/extconf.rb: don't test ss_family and ss_len member of
struct sockaddr_storage. They are not used now except SunOS
specific code.
akr (Akira Tanaka)
02:38 AM Revision 39482
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)
02:09 AM Revision 39481: Fix ksh/bash-ism.
* (unexpand_shvar): Use the numeric comparison
operator instead of '==' which is a ksh extention. [Bug...
knu (Akinori MUSHA)
12:44 AM Revision 39480: fix major-mode for emacs
12:41 AM Revision 39479: old ChangeLog and NEWS move to doc
* doc/NEWS-2.0.0: moved from NEWS
* doc/ChangeLog-2.0.0: moved ChangeLog older than created ruby_2_0_0 branch
* NEWS:...


05:51 PM Revision 39478: * 2013-02-25
05:51 PM Revision 39477: * ext/socket: define and use union_sockaddr instead of struct
sockaddr_storage for less casts.
* ext/socket/rubysocket.h (union_sockaddr): defined.
* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_a...
akr (Akira Tanaka)
01:10 PM Revision 39476: Use require_relative to require local library
* from 1.9 require relative path from the file must use require_relative. naruse (Yui NARUSE)
12:16 PM Revision 39475: * ext/date/date_core.c: [ruby-core:52303]
tadf (tadayoshi funaba)
07:48 AM Revision 39470: test_array.rb: fix test for r39466
* test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_sample_random): remove adjustment for
the bug fixed by r39466. [ruby-core:52779] [...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
06:33 AM Revision 39466: random.c: increase limit for generic rand
* random.c (rb_random_ulong_limited): limit is inclusive, but generic
rand method should return a number less than ...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
06:15 AM Revision 39463: * lib/net/http.rb: Removed duplicate Accept-Encoding in Net::HTTP#get.
[ruby-trunk - Bug #7924]
* test/net/http/test_http.rb: Test for the above.
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
05:29 AM Revision 39461: * thread.c: Document ThreadGroup::Default
zzak (Zachary Scott)
05:23 AM Revision 39460: * thread.c: Grammar for #backtrace_locations and ::handle_interrupt
zzak (Zachary Scott)
04:36 AM Revision 39451: vm_insnhelper.c: compare with me in method top cfp
* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method): block level control frame does not
have method entry, so obtain the method entr...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:24 AM Revision 39449: * object.c: Document methods receiving string and convert to symbol
Patch by Stefan Rusterholz
* vm_eval.c: ditto
* vm_method.c: ditto
zzak (Zachary Scott)
02:59 AM Revision 39448: * .gdbinit (rp): fix argument order.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:16 AM Revision 39447: signal.c: fix type
* signal.c (sigsegv): type of write(2) is ssize_t. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
12:18 AM Revision 39446: remove duplicated entry.
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
12:17 AM Revision 39445: * signal.c (sigsegv): suppress unused result warning. Because
write(2) is marked __warn_unused_result__ on Linux glibc. kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)


10:51 PM Revision 39444: compile.c: no keyword check if kw_rest
* compile.c (iseq_set_arguments): no keyword check if any keyword rest
argument exists, even unnamed. [ruby-core:5...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:17 PM Revision 39442: * array.c: Fix rdoc for flatten!
* hash.c: Correct rdoc for reject! marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune)
05:38 PM Revision 39439: * 2013-02-24
05:38 PM Revision 39438: * enumerator.c: rdoc fix
marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune)
02:23 PM Revision 39434: * NEWS: Reorder and fix indent levels [ruby-core:52723]
marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune)
01:57 PM Revision 39432: * NEWS: Fix RubyGems version [Bug #7920]
marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune)
08:08 AM Revision 39431: test_backtrace.rb: test Thread#backtrace_locations with range
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:52 AM Revision 39430: * thread.c: Documentation for Thread#backtrace_locations
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:06 AM Revision 39429: * vm.c: Typo in ObjectSpace::WeakMap overview
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:00 AM Revision 39428: * thread.c: Improved rdoc for ::handle_interrupt, ::pending_interrupt?
and #pending_interrupt? zzak (Zachary Scott)
06:20 AM Revision 39427: * (archlibdir): needed for multiarch.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:51 AM Revision 39425: merger.rb: runnable
* tool/merger.rb: make runnable. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:49 AM Revision 39424: merger.rb: suppress warnings
* tool/merger.rb (version_up, tag, default_merge_branch): suppress
syntax warnings.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:55 AM Revision 39419: misc/ruby-electric.el: Avoid electric insertion in some cases.
* misc/ruby-electric.el (ruby-electric-curlies)
(ruby-electric-matching-char, ruby-electric-bar): Avoid electric
knu (Akinori MUSHA)
03:35 AM Revision 39418: * array.c: Document #<=> return values and formatting
* bignum.c: ditto
* file.c: ditto
* object.c: ditto
* numeric.c: ditto
* rational.c: ditto
* string.c: ditto
* time.c...
zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:34 AM Revision 39417: test_process.rb: fix test
* test/ruby/test_process.rb (assert_fail_too_long_path): get rid of
syntax error on sh, increase command line size ...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:50 AM Revision 39415: * array.c (rb_ary_diff, rb_ary_and, rb_ary_or): Document return order
[RubySpec #7803 zzak (Zachary Scott)
02:11 AM Revision 39414: * object.c (rb_obj_comp): Documenting Object#<=> return values
Patch by Stefan Rusterholz zzak (Zachary Scott)
12:48 AM Revision 39413: dir.c: encoding check
* dir.c (file_s_fnmatch, fnmatch_brace): encoding-incompatible pattern
and string do not match, instead of exceptio...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)

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