From 11/21/2013 to 11/27/2013


04:36 PM Revision 43886: * st.c (st_keys): fix to use st_index_t for size of hash.
04:07 PM Revision 43885: * st.c (st_keys): define st_keys(). it writes each key to buffer.
* hash.c (rb_hash_keys): use st_keys() for performance improvement
if st_data_t and VALUE are compatible.
* st.h: ...
03:13 PM Revision 43884: * 2013-11-28
03:13 PM Revision 43883: * ruby_atomic.h: remove duplicate definisions between ATOMIC_XXX
and ATOMIC_SIZE_XXX. glass
02:57 PM Revision 43882: * ruby_atomic.h: define ATOMIC_SIZE_CAS() with
__atomic_compare_exchange_n() and refactoring. glass
12:56 PM Revision 43881: * lib/irb/notifier.rb: [Doc] Fix typo
* ext/json/lib/json/common.rb: Ditto. a_matsuda
09:05 AM Revision 43880: * lib/irb/notifier.rb: Fix typo
08:56 AM Revision 43879: * gc.c (gc_mark_stacked_objects): check only when check_mode > 0.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:07 AM Revision 43878: * test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc): Fix warning in
test_expand_heap. tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
06:57 AM Revision 43877: * gc.c (Init_GC): Add new GC::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS for information about
GC heap/page/slot sizing.
* test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc): test for above.
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
06:24 AM Revision 43876: * gc.c (gc_page_sweep): Fix compile warning from last commit.
* hash.c (hash_aset_str): Re-use existing variable to avoid
unnecessary pointer dereferencing.
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
06:13 AM Revision 43875: * gc.c (gc_page_sweep): disable debug print.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
06:09 AM Revision 43874: * gc.c (gc_stat): add new information heap_eden_page_length and
* test/ruby/test_gc.rb: fix to use GC.stat[:heap_eden_page_length]
instead of GC.stat[:heap_...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
06:03 AM Revision 43873: * test/ruby/test_eval.rb (class TestEval): Use assert_same instead of
* test/ruby/test_hash.rb (class TestHash): ditto.
* test/ruby/test_iseq.rb (class TestISeq): ditto.
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
05:50 AM Revision 43872: * lib/rinda/ring.rb: Announce RingServer for the same process.
[ruby-trunk - Bug #9163]
* test/rinda/test_rinda.rb: Tests for the above.
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
05:39 AM Revision 43871: * test/ruby/test_eval.rb (class TestEval): Add test for shared eval
filenames via rb_fstring().
* test/ruby/test_iseq.rb (class TestISeq): Add test for shared
iseq labels via rb_fstri...
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
05:28 AM Revision 43870: * hash.c (hash_aset_str): Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate hash string
keys. Patch by Eric Wong. [Bug #8998] [ruby-core:57727]
* test/ruby/test_hash.rb (class TestHash): test for above.
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
03:28 AM Revision 43869: * test/ruby/test_string.rb: Add test for error when appending a
Symbol into a String. headius (Charles Nutter)
01:42 AM Revision 43868: * gc.c: Rename rb_heap_t members:
used -> page_length
limit -> total_slots
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
12:32 AM Revision 43867: test_bug_reporter.rb: remove core
* test/-ext-/bug_reporter/test_bug_reporter.rb (test_bug_reporter_add):
remove expected core file to get rid of fal...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


11:30 PM Revision 43866: * compile.c: Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate string literals in code. [ruby-core:58599] [Bug #9159] [ruby-core:54405]
* iseq.c (prepare_iseq_build): De-duplicate iseq labels and source locations.
* re.c (rb_reg_initialize): Use rb_fstr...
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
10:14 PM Revision 43865: * ext/psych/lib/psych.rb: psych version 2.0.2
* ext/psych/psych.gemspec: ditto tenderlove
09:41 PM Revision 43864: * ext/psych/lib/psych/scalar_scanner.rb: fix support for negative
* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb: ditto
* test/psych/test_date_time.rb: test for change.
Fixes: h...
07:48 PM Revision 43863: * ext/psych/lib/psych/scalar_scanner.rb: fix regexp for matching TIME
* test/psych/test_date_time.rb: test for change.
05:27 PM Revision 43862: string.c: fix memsize of frozen shared string
* string.c (str_new4): copy the original capacity so that memsize of
frozen shared string returns correct size.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:20 PM Revision 43861: * 2013-11-27
05:20 PM Revision 43860: should not ignore the rest of recursive constructs
* array.c (rb_ary_hash): should not ignore the rest of recursive
* hash.c (rb_hash_hash): ditto.
* rang...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:43 PM Revision 43859: hash.c: cut off if recursion
* hash.c (rb_hash): cut off if recursion detected to get rid of stack
overflow. [ruby-core:58567] [Bug #9151]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
11:03 AM Revision 43858: * test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb: add tests for a_call/a_return
by Brandur <> [Feature #9120] ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
10:30 AM Revision 43857: * add useful config "set breakpoint pending on"
for run.gdb. ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
10:26 AM Revision 43856: * ext/objspace/object_tracing.c (newobj_i): skip class_path if class
is frozen.
rb_class_path() can modify frozen classes (and causes errors).
This patch is temporary. We need no-mod...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
09:42 AM Revision 43855: * vm_trace.c: skip "exception check" and "reentrant check (only normal
events) for internal events.
Reentrant check for internal events are remaining.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
08:41 AM Revision 43854: * vm_trace.c: prohibit to specify normal events and internal events
I will introduce special care for internal events later.
* ext/-test-/tracepoint/tracepoint.c: test...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:30 AM Revision 43853: file.c: fix buffer overflow
* file.c (rb_readlink): fix buffer overflow on a long symlink. since
rb_str_modify_expand() expands from its length...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:27 AM Revision 43852: * ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (dump_append_string_value): Escape
control characters for strict json parsers.
* ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (objspace_dump): Document File/IO
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
02:45 AM Revision 43851: * ruby_atomic.h: use __atomic builtin functions supported by GCC.
__sync family are legacy functions now and it is recommended
that new code use the __atomic functions.
02:23 AM Revision 43850: * properties: ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.gemspec
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:20 AM Revision 43849: * properties: ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.gemspec
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:57 AM Revision 43848: bigdecimal.gemspec: date
* ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.gemspec: revert Gem::Specification#date
for snapshot/release tarballs.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


09:46 PM Revision 43847: * NEWS: Add ObjectSpace.after_gc_{start,end}_hook=
* ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c: [DOC] catch up dump/dump_all to r43679 tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
07:14 PM Revision 43846: * 2013-11-26
07:14 PM Revision 43845: * lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems master 612f85a. Notable changes:
Fixed installation and activation of git: and path: gems via
Improved documentation coverage
* ...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
01:23 PM Revision 43844: * lib/xmlrpc.rb: [DOC] Fix link to xmlrpc4r site [Bug #9148]
Patch by Giorgos Tsiftsis zzak (Zachary Scott)
10:49 AM Revision 43843: * lib/uri/common.rb: [DOC] typo fixes by @vipulnsward [Fixes GH-456]
* lib/uri/generic.rb: [DOC] ditto.
zzak (Zachary Scott)
05:35 AM Revision 43842: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.gemspec: bump BigDecimal to 1.2.3 for
proper release date in RubyGems zzak (Zachary Scott)
05:25 AM Revision 43841: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.gemspec: Remove Gem::Specification#date
We should rely on rubygems to create the date the gem was released
for each version.
zzak (Zachary Scott)
04:22 AM Revision 43840: fix typos
01:13 AM Revision 43839: * internal.h: do not use ruby_sized_xrealloc() and ruby_sized_xfree()
if HAVE_MALLOC_USABLE_SIZE (or _WIN32) is defined.
We don't need these function if malloc_usable_size() is availabl...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)


08:06 PM Revision 43838: * test/-ext-/tracepoint/test_tracepoint.rb: catch up GC.stat changes
at r43835. ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:49 PM Revision 43837: * gc.c: continue to change OLDSPACE -> OLDMALLOC.
* gc.c: add a new major GC reason GPR_FLAG_MAJOR_BY_OLDMALLOC.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:18 PM Revision 43836: * gc.c: change terminlogy "..._num" to "..._slots" about slot opetaion.
* final_num -> final_slots
* objspace_live_num() -> objspace_live_slots()
* objspace_limit_num() -> objspace_limi...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:08 PM Revision 43835: * gc.c (gc_stat): add internal information.
* heap_swept_slot
* malloc_increase
* malloc_limit
* remembered_shady_object
* remembered_shady_object_limit
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:01 PM Revision 43834: * test/ruby/test_gc.rb: catch up last commit.
Now RUBY_GC_OLDSPACE_LIMIT(...) is RUBY_GC_OLDMALLOC_LIMIT(...). ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
06:13 PM Revision 43833: * gc.c: change terminology OLDSPACE -> OLDMALLOC.
(oldspace -> oldmalloc for variable names)
OLDSPACE is confusing because it is not includes slots.
To more clearl...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
04:03 PM Revision 43832: * 2013-11-25
04:03 PM Revision 43831: * internal.h: use __builtin_bswap16() if possible.
* check existence of __builtin_bswap16(). glass
01:27 PM Revision 43830: * bignum.c (bigxor_int): Apply BIGLO for long in a BDIGIT expression.
(bigor_int): Ditto.
(bigand_int): Ditto.
akr (Akira Tanaka)
09:15 AM Revision 43829: * include/ruby/defines.h (SIZEOF_ACTUAL_BDIGIT): Defined.
* include/ruby/ruby.h (RBIGNUM_EMBED_LEN_MAX): Use
akr (Akira Tanaka)
07:17 AM Revision 43828: * ChangeLog: adjust timezone and encoding.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:51 AM Revision 43827: * include/ruby/defines.h: Don't use int128_t for Bignum.
It's not always faster.
* bignum.c: Ditto.
akr (Akira Tanaka)
01:20 AM Revision 43826: * NEWS: Add details about new debugging features and APIs.
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
12:44 AM Revision 43825: * lib/csv.rb: Optimize header hashes by freezing string keys.
[ruby-core:58510] JEG2 (James Gray)
12:22 AM Revision 43824: * ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c: test fixes and win32 compatibility
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)


11:12 PM Revision 43823: * lib/csv.rb: If skip_lines is set to a String, convert it to a Regexp
to prevent the alternative, which is that each line in the CSV gets
converted to a Regexp when calling skip_lines#m...
JEG2 (James Gray)
04:08 PM Revision 43822: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_power): Use FIX2LONG instead
of FIX2INT to avoid conversion error. mrkn (Kenta Murata)
03:44 PM Revision 43821: ruby.h: define RBIGNUM_EMBED_LEN_MAX by macros
* include/ruby/ruby.h (RBIGNUM_EMBED_LEN_MAX): define by macros
defined in defines.h, instead of complex and repeat...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:35 PM Revision 43820: * 2013-11-24
03:35 PM Revision 43819: * ChangeLog: fix a typo at r43744.
* gc.c (is_mark_stack_empty): ditto. nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
01:25 PM Revision 43818: * include/ruby/ruby.h (RBIGNUM_EMBED_LEN_MAX): Limit the value to
less than 8. akr (Akira Tanaka)
10:52 AM Revision 43817: * ext/bigdecimal/lib/bigdecimal/math.rb (BigMath.E): Use BigMath.exp.
[Feature #6857] [ruby-core:47130] mrkn (Kenta Murata)
10:49 AM Revision 43816: exp
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
10:36 AM Revision 43815: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_div2): The signature was
changed to allow us to pass arguments directly.
* ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_div3): Added for the role ...
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
04:51 AM Revision 43814: * append newline at EOF.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:46 AM Revision 43813: add NEWS about rb_gc_set_params() and rb_gc_count()
03:40 AM Revision 43812: fix typo
tarui (Masaya Tarui)
03:33 AM Revision 43811: * gc.c: fix gloval variable name.
Now we have following environments (and related variable names).
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
12:46 AM Revision 43810: * marshal.c (w_object): Use HASH_PROC_DEFAULT directly from internal.h
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)


11:50 PM Revision 43809: * gc.c: Rename heap_pages_swept_num to heap_pages_swept_slots to clarify meaning (number of slots, not pages).
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
11:50 PM Revision 43808: * lib/set.rb (class SortedSet): Fix source_location for methods defined via eval.
tmm1 (Aman Gupta)
06:53 PM Revision 43806: * lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems master dcce4ff. Important changes
in this commit:
Remove automatic detection of gem dependencies files. This prevents a
security hole as describe...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
06:23 PM Revision 43805: * 2013-11-23
06:22 PM Revision 43804: * test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb (test_tracepoint_thread): bugfix.
Take care about the thread switch between and let to
TracePoint's block is sometimes ...
tarui (Masaya Tarui)
01:31 PM Revision 43803: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_power):
Round the result value only if the precision is given. mrkn (Kenta Murata)
08:50 AM Revision 43802: * transcode.c (str_transcode0): don't scrub invalid chars if
str.encode doesn't have explicit invalid: :replace.
workaround fix for see #8995
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
08:22 AM Revision 43801: fix a typo
08:16 AM Revision 43800: * include/ruby/intern.h, internal.h: Expose rb_gc_count().
08:07 AM Revision 43799: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.gemspec: version 1.2.2.
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
08:05 AM Revision 43798: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_data_type):
Use RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY only if it is available. mrkn (Kenta Murata)
07:56 AM Revision 43797: * gc.c (RUBY_ALIAS_FUNCTION_VOID): fix compile error.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:52 AM Revision 43796: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_power): Round the result value.
[Bug #8818] [ruby-core:56802]
* test/bigdecimal/test_bigdecimal.rb: Add a test for the above fix.
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
07:40 AM Revision 43795: * gc.c (heap_set_increment): accept minumum additional page number.
* gc.c (gc_after_sweep): allocate pages to allocate at least
[Bug #9137]
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:26 AM Revision 43794: * include/ruby/intern.h (rb_gc_set_params): Deprecate
rb_gc_set_params because it's only used in ruby internal.
* internal.h (ruby_gc_set_params): Declare rb_gc_set_param...
06:38 AM Revision 43793: Update NEWS
* rdoc and rubygems are preview 2
* objspace is compatible changes
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
06:32 AM Revision 43792: test_string.rb: refine assertions
* test/ruby/test_string.rb: refine assertions, instead of mere assert. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:55 AM Revision 43791: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigMath_s_exp): Insert rb_thread_check_ints.
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
05:54 AM Revision 43790: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigMath_s_exp): Fix the inserting points
of RB_GC_GUARDs. mrkn (Kenta Murata)
05:50 AM Revision 43789: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c: Fix indentation.
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
05:21 AM Revision 43788: * remove trailing spaces.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:16 AM Revision 43787: * ext/nkf: merge nkf 2.1.3 2a2f2c5.
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
04:10 AM Revision 43780: util.c: more precision
* util.c (ruby_strtod): BigMath requires more precision. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:43 AM Revision 43775: util.c: ignore too long fraction part
* util.c (ruby_strtod): ignore too long fraction part, which does not
affect the result.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:17 AM Revision 43774: openssl/buffering.rb: call super
* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/buffering.rb (OpenSSL::Buffering#initialize):
initialize of a module should pass argument...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:03 AM Revision 43773: * test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb: Ignore events from other threads.
akr (Akira Tanaka)
02:06 AM Revision 43772: don't call gem method if Test::Unit is defined
ruby's test-all may define 'gem' method somewhere,
and it cause test failure.
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
01:38 AM Revision 43771: * vm.c (ruby_vm_destruct): do not use ruby_xfree() after freeing
* gc.c (ruby_mimfree): added. It is similar to ruby_mimmalloc().
* internal.h: ditto.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
12:43 AM Revision 43770: * test/digest/test_digest.rb: Reverse order of assert_equal
Reported by @splattael zzak (Zachary Scott)
12:05 AM Revision 43769: * gc.c: fix build failure on FreeBSD introduced by r43763.
malloc_usable_size() is defined by malloc_np.h on FreeBSD.
* check malloc.h and malloc_np.h.
naruse (Yui NARUSE)


11:27 PM Revision 43768: * 2013-11-22
11:27 PM Revision 43767: * lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems master 50a8210. Important changes
in this commit:
RubyGems now automatically checks for gem.deps.rb or Gemfile when
running ruby executables. Thi...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
01:34 PM Revision 43766: * gc.c: RGENGC_CHECK_MODE should be 0.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
12:42 PM Revision 43765: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VpAlloc): Fix the expr to adjust the size
of the digit array. mrkn (Kenta Murata)
12:37 PM Revision 43764: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_sqrt): Fix the precision of
the result BigDecimal of sqrt.
[Bug #5266] [ruby-dev:44450]
* test/bigdecimal/test_bigdecimal.rb: add tests for th...
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
11:41 AM Revision 43763: * gc.c: needs malloc.h if malloc_usable_size() is available.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:52 AM Revision 43762: gc.c: malloc_usable_size
* gc.c (malloc_usable_size): use _msize() on Windows. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:51 AM Revision 43761: test_tempfile.rb: suppress warnings
* test/test_tempfile.rb (test_tempfile_is_unlinked_when_ruby_exits): no error should emit.
* test/test_tempfile.rb (...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:49 AM Revision 43760: gc.c: malloc_usable_size
* gc.c (vm_xrealloc, vm_xfree): use malloc_usable_size() to obtain old
size if available.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:47 AM Revision 43759: delegate.rb: check if target is set
* lib/delegate.rb (SimpleDelegator#__getobj__): target object must be set.
* lib/delegate.rb (DelegateClass#__getobj_...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:28 AM Revision 43758: tempfile.rb: get rid of warnings
* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#initialize): use class method to get rid
of warnings when $VERBOSE.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:50 AM Revision 43757: * gc.c: rename initial_xxx variables to
They are not only used initial values.
Chikanaga-san: Congratulations on RubyPrize!
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
08:21 AM Revision 43756: * remove trailing spaces.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:20 AM Revision 43755: * gc.c: enable "RGENGC_ESTIMATE_OLDSPACE" option as default.
Without this option, some application consumes huge memory.
(and there are only a few performance down)
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:53 AM Revision 43754: * ext/digest/bubblebabble/bubblebabble.c: Teach RDoc digest/bubblebabble
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:51 AM Revision 43753: * test/digest/test_digest.rb: Add more tests for digest/bubblebabble
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:33 AM Revision 43752: delegate.rb: try private methods after the target
* lib/delegate.rb (Delegator#method_missing): try private methods defined in
Kernel after the target. [Fixes GH-449]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:26 AM Revision 43751: * test/uri/test_generic.rb (URI#test_merge): Test uri + URI(path)
in addition to uri + path. knu (Akinori MUSHA)
06:37 AM Revision 43750: * ext/openssl/lib/openssl/buffering.rb: [DOC] Fix HEREDOC comment for
OpenSSL::Buffering which breaks overview because of RDoc bug zzak (Zachary Scott)
06:35 AM Revision 43749: Add link to pull request from r43742
zzak (Zachary Scott)
06:33 AM Revision 43748: * eval_intern.h (SAVE_ROOT_JMPBUF): workaround for the failure of
test/ruby/test_exception.rb on Windows.
wrap by __try and __exception statements on mswin to raise SIGSEGV
when E...
usa (Usaku NAKAMURA)
05:19 AM Revision 43747: * object.c: [DOC] Clarify Object#dup vs #clone [Bug #9128]
Moving existing doc for this comparison to separate section of #dup
Adding examples to document behavior of #dup wi...
zzak (Zachary Scott)
05:07 AM Revision 43746: * gc.c (gc_marks_check): do not dump all refs.
* gc.c (allrefs_dump_i): fix output format. ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
05:01 AM Revision 43745: * remove trailing spaces.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:57 AM Revision 43744: * gc.c: change RGENGC_CHECK_MODE (>= 2) logic.
Basically, make an object graph of all of living objects before and
after marking and check status.
[Before marki...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
04:44 AM Revision 43743: * lib/observer.rb: [DOC] Clarify default observer method.
By @edward [Fixes GH-450] zzak (Zachary Scott)
04:37 AM Revision 43742: * ext/openssl/ossl_engine.c: [DOC] Documentation for OpenSSL::Engine
This patch is based off work by @vbatts in GH-436 completing the
documentation for this class and its methods.
zzak (Zachary Scott)
01:46 AM Revision 43740: * ext/openssl/lib/openssl/buffering.rb: Remove unused arguments from [Fixes GH-445] zzak (Zachary Scott)
01:31 AM Revision 43739: * 2013-11-21
01:31 AM Revision 43738: * test/digest/test_digest.rb: Add test for Digest::SHA256.bubblebabble
zzak (Zachary Scott)

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