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Revision 32269

  • lib/benchmark.rb: merge eregon/benchmark.
    patched by Benoit Daloze. [ruby-core:37593] [Bug #4940]

  • lib/benchmark (Benchmark#bmbm): bmbm should be consistent with bm
    for the return value.

  • test/benchmark: remove preemptive test instead of skipping
    I removed the preemptive test I wrote for Feature #4197.
    I'll add it back when the implementation will be able to satisfy it.

  • lib/benchmark (Benchmark#bmbm): remove useless explicit call,
    #format is an alias of #to_s test/benchmark: add a test for
    format of long time.

  • lib/benchmark: fix label width: always add 1 to ensure there is a
    space delimiter even with times over 100s
    When I asked for Feature #4197, I wanted to make delimiting spaces
    consistent for #bm and #bmbm.
    But with times over 100s, the output contains no space between the
    label and the first time (user).
    Now both ensure there is always a space, even if that means 3 spaces
    with times under 10s (because it is formatted as %10.6f)

  • test/benchmark: let labels be a constant
    lib/benchmark (Benchmark#realtime): avoid creating an unused Proc
    lib/benchmark (Benchmark#benchmark): use ensure clause to restore
    STDOUT.sync, as in #bmbm