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Revision 32281

  • math.c: Attach documentation for Math.
    • object.c: Document NIL, TRUE, FALSE.
    • io.c: Improve grammar in ARGF comment. Document STDIN/OUT/ERR. Document ARGF global constant.
    • lib/rake: Hide deprecated toplevel constants from RDoc (import from rake trunk).
    • lib/thwait.rb: Document ThWait.
    • lib/mathn.rb: Hide Math redefinition from RDoc
    • lib/sync.rb: Add a basic comment for Sync_m, Synchronizer_m, Sync, Synchronizer.
    • parse.y: Document SCRIPT_LINES__.
    • hash.c: Document ENV class and global constant.
    • vm.c: Document TOPLEVEL_BINDING.
    • version.c: Document RUBY_* constants.
    • ruby.c: Document DATA and ARGV.