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Revision 32510

  • thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread): removed rb_disable_interrupt()/rb_enable_interrupt().
  • vm_core.h: ditto.
  • process.c (static void before_exec): ditto.
  • process.c (static void after_exec): ditto.
    [Bug #4765] [ruby-dev:43571]

  • eval_intern.h: removed rb_trap_restore_mask().

  • vm_eval.c (rb_throw_obj): ditto.

  • eval.c (setup_exception): ditto.

  • signal.c: removed trap_last_mask.

  • signal.c (trap_restore_mask): removed.

  • signal.c (init_sigchld): comment clarification why signal block
    is needed. and removed trap_last_mask operation.

  • signal.c (trap_ensure): removed trap_last_mask operation.

  • signal.c (rb_disable_interrupt, rb_enable_interrupt): made
    static and removed sigdelset(SIGVTALARM) and sigdelset(SIGSEGV).

  • process.c (rb_syswait): removed implicit signal handler change.