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Revision 35111

Added by shirosaki over 7 years ago

  • io.c (static int io_fflush): add the definition.
    Use it in set_binary_mode_with_seek_cur().

  • io.c (set_binary_mode_with_seek_cur): refactoring to split the
    content into io_unread(). Fix the possibility of buffer overflow.

  • io.c (io_unread): add new implementation for Windows. Previous one
    caused invalid cursor position using IO#pos with OS text mode. New
    one fixes the bug.

  • test/ruby/test_io_m17n.rb
    (TestIO_M17N#test_pos_dont_move_cursor_position): add a test for
    above bug.
    [ruby-core:43497] [Bug #6179]