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Revision 36798

  • include/ruby/ruby.h: introduce flonum technique for 64bit CPU environment (sizeof(double) == sizeof(VALUE)). flonum technique enables to avoid double object creation if the double value d is in range about between 1.72723e-77 < |d| <= 1.15792e+77 or 0.0. flonum Float value is immediate and their lowest two bits are b10. If flonum is activated, then USE_FLONUM macro is 1. I'll write detailed in this technique on
  • benchmark/bmx_temp.rb: add an benchmark for simple Float calculation.
  • gc.c (id2ref, rb_obj_id): add flonum Float support.
  • include/ruby/intern.h: move decl of rb_float_new(double) to include/ruby/ruby.h.
  • insns.def, vm.c, vm_insnhelper.c: add flonum optimization and simplify source code.
  • vm_insnhelper.h (FLONUM_2_P): added.
  • marshal.c: support flonum output.
  • numeric.c (rb_float_new_in_heap): added.
  • parse.y: support flonum.
  • random.c: ditto.