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Revision 36884

Added by emboss almost 7 years ago

  • ext/openssl/extconf.rb: Detect OpenSSL_FIPS macro ext/openssl/ossl.c: Expose OpenSSL::OPENSSL_FIPS constant to indicate whether OpenSSL runs in FIPS mode. test/openssl/test_pkey_dh.rb: Generate 256 bit keys for non-FIPS installations to improve test performance (e.g. for rubyci). test/openssl/utils.rb: Replace DSS1 as certificate signature digest with SHA1 for FIPS installations when using DSA by introducing TestUtils::DSA_SIGNATURE_DIGEST. test/openssl/test_x509cert.rb: test/openssl/test_x509crl.rb: test/openssl/test_x509req.rb: Use DSA_SIGNATURE_DIGEST NEWS: Introduce OpenSSL::OPENSSL_FIPS

These changes allow running the OpenSSL tests in FIPS mode
while keeping a high performance for non-FIPS installations.
Introduction of OpenSSL::OPENSSL_FIPS allows for applications
to react to special requirements when using OpenSSL in FIPS mode.
[Feature #6946] [ruby-core:47345]

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M test/openssl/utils.rb
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