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Revision 44057

parse.y: use rb_fstring() for strings stored in the symbol table

  • parse.y (register_symid_str): use fstrings in symbol table [Bug #9171] [ruby-core:58656]
  • parse.y (rb_id2str): ditto
  • string.c (rb_fstring): create frozen_strings on first usage. this allows rb_fstring() calls from the parser (before cString is created)
  • string.c (fstring_set_class_i): set klass on fstrings generated before cString was defined
  • string.c (Init_String): convert frozen_strings table to String objects after boot
  • ext/-test-/symbol/type.c (bug_sym_id2str): expose rb_id2str()
  • test/-ext-/symbol/test_type.rb (module Test_Symbol): verify symbol table entries are fstrings