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Revision 9169

  • lib/{soap,wsdl,xsd}, test/{soap,wsdl,xsd}: imported soap4r/1.5.5.

      #nnn is a ticket number at
      * SOAP
        * allow to configure an envelope namespace of SOAP request. (#124)
            TemporaryNamespace = ''
            @client.options["soap.envelope.requestnamespace"] =
            @client.options["soap.envelope.responsenamespace"] =
        * let SOAP request XML indent space configuable.  see
          "soap.envelope.no_indent" option. (#130)
        * let external CES configuable.
          ex. client["soap.mapping.external_ces"] = 'SJIS'.  $KCODE is used
          by default. (#133)
            external CES ::= CES used in Ruby object of client and server
            internal CES ::= CES used in SOAP/OM
        * add iso-8859-1 external CES support. (#106)
        * fixed illegal 'qualified' handling of elements.  it caused
          ASP.NET inteoperability problem. (#144)
        * added 'soap.envelope.use_numeric_character_reference' (boolean)
          option to let query XML use numeric character reference in XML,
          not plain UTF-8 character.  !GoogleSearch server seems to not
          allow plain UTF-8 character since 2005-08-15 update. (#147)
        * SOAP::Header::SimpleHeader (de)serialization throws an exception
          on !SimpleHeader.on_(in|out)bound when header is a String.  so we
          could not use a simple single element headerItem.  fixed.  thanks
          to emil. (#129)
        * out parameter of rpc operation did not work.  (#132)
        * follow HTTP redirect only if using http-access2.  (#125) (#145)
        * add a workaround for importing an WSDL whose path begins with
          drive letter.  (#115)
      * WSDL
        * SOAP Data which is defined as a simpletype was not mapped
          correctly to Ruby obj when using wsdl2ruby.rb generated classdef
          file. (#123)
        * rpc/literal support. (#118)
        * re-implemented local element qualify/unqualify control.  handles
          elementFormDefault and form in WSDL.  (#119)
        * Array of an element which has simpleType causes a crash. (#128)
        * prarmeterOrder may not contain return part so it can be shorter
          than parts size.  Thanks to Hugh.  (#139)
      * Samples
        * added !BasicAuth client sample. (#117)
        * added Base64 client/server sample.
        * added Flickr SOAP interface client sample. (#122)
        * added !SalesForce client sample. (#135)
        * updated Thawte CA certificate for !GoogleAdWords sample.
        * updated a client script with the newer version made by Johan.
        * shortened long file names. (#120)
        * fixed typo in authheader sample. (#129)
        * updated deprecated method usage.  (#138)