From 01/16/2009 to 01/22/2009


05:27 AM Feature #1032 (Closed): ERB::DefMethod#def_erb_method にオプションを追加。
Applied in changeset r21723.
seki (Masatoshi Seki)
03:46 AM Bug #1034 (Closed): Ruby 1.8 evaluates block argument out of order from other arguments and receiver
In Ruby 1.9 and all alternative impls I tested, block arguments are evaluated in the order they're encounter...
headius (Charles Nutter)
03:18 AM Revision 21727: * gc.c (define_final): cannot define finalizer for immediate
values. [ruby-core:21500]
* gc.c (define_final): freezes or hides internal values.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:56 AM Revision 21726: * gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): deffers IO finalization.
[ruby-dev:36646] nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
12:30 AM Revision 21724: eol-style
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


08:22 PM Revision 21723: pass the trim_mode [Feature #1032]
seki (Masatoshi Seki)
07:22 PM Feature #1032 (Closed): ERB::DefMethod#def_erb_method にオプションを追加。
def_erb_method の中の でオプション(trim_mode)をつけたい局面があったため。
babie (babie tanaka)
03:33 PM Revision 21722: * 2009-01-22
03:33 PM Revision 21721: * array.c (ary_double_capa): a new function to expand array more
aggressively. [ruby-core:21460]
* array.c (rb_ary_store): use ary_double_capa().
* array.c (rb_ary_splice): ditto.
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)
06:43 AM Revision 21716: * enumerator.c (inspect_enumerator, yielder_new_i): added
prototypes to suppress warnings due to a bug of VC6. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:18 AM Revision 21708: * 2009-01-21
02:18 AM Revision 21707: * variable.c (rb_mod_remove_cvar): fixed rb_mod_remove_cvar() to
pass test_cvar_scope_with_instance_eval in test/ruby/test_eval.rb.
Module#remove_class_variable seems to be broken ...
shugo (Shugo Maeda)


06:47 PM Bug #1026 (Closed): grouping expression in class path
Applied in changeset r21688.
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)
06:39 PM Bug #1026: grouping expression in class path

In message "Re: [ruby-core:21453] [Bug #1026] grouping expression in class path"
on Tue, 20 Jan 2...
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)
04:34 PM Bug #1026 (Closed): grouping expression in class path
On Ruby 1.8, yylex() returns '(' instead of tLPAREN if lex_state == EXPR_CLASS,
so a gropuing expression is...
shugo (Shugo Maeda)
09:37 AM Revision 21688: * parse.y (IS_BEG): EXPR_CLASS should be treated like EXPR_BEG.
[ruby-core:21453] matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)


07:01 PM Revision 21677: * node.h (rb_thread_raised_clear): should not clear flags other than
raised flags. a patch by Tomoyuki Chikanaga <chikanag AT> at [ruby-dev:37794]. [ruby-...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)

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