From 03/08/2011 to 03/14/2011


03:03 AM Bug #4497: REXML Pretty formater does use specified 'width' to wrap lines
Patch attached for 'lib/rexml/formatters/pretty.rb'. @width attribute is used to compute line width when wrapp...
mfrasca (Michael Frasca)


04:47 AM Bug #4497 (Open): REXML Pretty formater does use specified 'width' to wrap lines
REXML::Formatters::Pretty has 'width' attribute used to wrap lines. This is not used when the wrap method is i...
mfrasca (Michael Frasca)


07:14 PM Bug #4496: ri can't describe Kernel.warn
Sorry about garbled text formatting.

$ ruby -v
ruby 1.8.7 (2010-06-23 patchlevel 299) [x86_64-lin...
candlerb (Brian Candler)
07:11 PM Bug #4496 (Rejected): ri can't describe Kernel.warn
It appears to be impossible to read documentation on Kernel.warn, due to overlapping matches.
$ ruby -v
candlerb (Brian Candler)


11:04 AM Backport #4494 (Closed): URI#normalize scheme
=begin describes the fix for properly normalizing the scheme portion of a U...
ecoffey (Eoin Coffey)
02:39 AM Bug #4493 (Open): Patch: MRI 1.8.7: syck: fix buffer overflow when parsing YAML from a String.
Certain sequences of tokens will cause syck.c store a NULL string terminator outside the allocated p->buffer w...
kstephens (Kurt Stephens)


07:05 AM Bug #4484 (Open): Class variables leak to Object when using class_eval
The following irb session describes the problem:
>> String.class_eval { @@string_class_variable = 'should ...
pawel (Paweł P)


05:16 AM Bug #2761: weird behaviour of readline on OSX 10.6
Just to tell you that this weird behaviour is back because :
The extconf.rb part of this patch was not includ...
hallelujah (Hery Ramihajamalala)
02:39 AM Bug #4467: Process.maxgroups= should only accept numeric values
I agree, Process.maxgroups= should be deprecated unless there's an underlying posix call that supports it. I d...
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)

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