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Revision 26581

  • ext/rational/rational.c: Added to provide a fast implementation
    of Fixnum#gcd (and maybe some others in the future) in C. The
    base code was submitted by Kurt Stephens. [Feature #2561]

  • ext/rational/lib/rational.rb: Moved from lib/rational.rb. Make
    overall code optimization; submitted by Kurt Stephens.
    [Feature #2561]

  • test/rational/test_rational.rb, test/rational/test_rational2.rb:
    Add tests for Rational, ported from trunk.

  • test/rational/test_fixnum_gcd.rb: Add a test for Integer#gcd.
    Case values are only provided for i386 and amd64 at the moment;
    submitted by Kurt Stephens. [Feature #2561]