From 05/29/2009 to 06/04/2009


11:24 PM Backport #1569 (Rejected): gem update --system crashes ruby with a segmentation fault.
Running "gem update --system" caused Ruby to crash. I am running under Windows XP Professional Version 2002 ...
paterno (Marc Paterno)
06:03 AM Backport #1567 (Closed): socket.c silently discards internal listen(2) failures
Symptom: may appear to succeed, even though its implied listen(2) call has silently fai...
pilcrow (Mike Pomraning)
03:11 AM Bug #1565 (Closed): iconv self-destructed
This morning, after using iconv in a test script to convert ISO-8859-1 web pages to UTF-8, I applied it in ra...
akashiraffee (Mark Eriksen)


02:20 PM Bug #1560 (Rejected): multi core operations are slower on trunk (possible regression)
following an article[1] I found that ruby 1.9.0(and 1.9.1) is faster than the trunk performing multi core ope...
dcu (David Cuadrado)


11:57 AM Backport #1547: Fiber#alive? Returns 0 for true on 1.9.1

nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:02 AM Backport #1547 (Rejected): Fiber#alive? Returns 0 for true on 1.9.1
When a Fiber is alive, Fiber#alive? returns 0 on 1.9.1; true on 1.9.2. The latter behaviour is consistent wit...
runpaint (Run Paint Run Run)
05:43 AM Bug #1544: rb_io_write bug?

In message "Re: [ruby-core:23642] [Bug #1544] rb_io_write bug?"
on Sun, 31 May 2009 05:33:18 +090...
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)


05:33 AM Bug #1544 (Open): rb_io_write bug?
I'm using rb_io_write to write (in C) to a StringIO instance (which was defined in Ruby, and passed to my C c...
brianmario (Brian Lopez)

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