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08:09 AM Backport #4641 (Rejected): Please backport r31418 to 1.9.2 stable branch
Syck cannot load valid YAML times that Psych dumps. For example '2010-10-10 00:00:00.000000000Z' is a valid YAML tim... tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


06:37 PM Backport #4367 (Closed): Thread.kill segfaults when the object to be killed isn't a thread
This issue was solved with changeset r31402.
Andrew, thank you for reporting this issue.
Your contribution to Ruby is...
yugui (Yuki Sonoda)
09:37 AM Revision 31404: merges r30786, r30787 and r30797 from trunk into ruby_1_9_2.
* test/fileutils/fileasserts.rb: add message arguments.
* lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils::LowMethods): make low le...
yugui (Yuki Sonoda)
09:37 AM Revision 31403: merges r30784 from trunk into ruby_1_9_2.
* parse.y (lex_getline, parser_set_encode): set encoding of lines
in SCRIPT_LINES__ as source encoding. [ruby-d...
yugui (Yuki Sonoda)
09:37 AM Revision 31402: * thread.c (thread_s_kill): workaround for [ruby-core:35086].
fixes #4367.
* test/ruby/test_thread.rb (TestThread#test_kill_wrong_argument):
test for [ruby-core:35086].
yugui (Yuki Sonoda)
09:37 AM Revision 31401: merges r30779 from trunk into ruby_1_9_2.
* string.c (str_utf8_nth): fixed a conditon of optimized lead
byte counting. [Bug #4366][ruby-dev:43170]
yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

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