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Revision 37330

merge revision(s) 32826,34732: [Backport #6681]

  • file.c (rb_enc_path_next, rb_enc_path_skip_prefix)
    (rb_enc_path_last_separator, rb_enc_path_end)
    (ruby_enc_find_basename, ruby_enc_find_extname): encoding-aware
    path handling functions.

  • file.c (rb_home_dir, file_expand_path, rb_realpath_internal)
    (rb_file_s_basename, rb_file_dirname, rb_file_s_extname)
    (rb_file_join): should respect the encodings of arguments than
    file system encoding. [ruby-dev:45145] [Bug #5919]

  • dir.c (check_dirname, ruby_glob0): ditto.

  • ext/pathname/pathname.c (path_sub_ext): ditto.

  • util.c, include/ruby/util.h (ruby_add_suffix): remove the function.
    [Bug #5153] [ruby-core:38736]

  • io.c (argf_next_argv): remove the call of above function.

  • ext/-test-/add_suffix, test/-ext-/test_add_suffix.rb: remove the test
    extension module because this is only for testsing ruby_add_suffix().

  • LEGAL: remove the mention about a part of util.c, because now we
    removed the part.

  • io.c (argf_next_argv): now the new filename is not guranteed to
    use, so should check the return value of rename(2).

  • test/ruby/test_argf.rb (TestArgf#test_inplace_rename_impossible):
    now we expect same result with other platforms on no_safe_rename
    platforms (=Windows).