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Revision 37648

merged revision(s) 37075,37076,37082,37083,37088: [Backport #7123]

  • gc.c: Use the non-recursive marking instead of recursion. The
    recursion marking of CRuby needs checking stack overflow and the
    fail-safe system, but these systems not good at partial points,
    for example, marking deep tree structures. [ruby-dev:46184]
    [Feature #7095]

  • (GC_MARK_STACKFRAME_WORD): removed. It's used by
    checking stack overflow of marking.

  • win32/Makefile.sub (GC_MARK_STACKFRAME_WORD): ditto.

  • gc.c (free_stack_chunks): it is used only when per-VM object space
    is enabled.

  • gc.c (rb_objspace_call_finalizer): mark self-referencing finalizers
    before run finalizers, to fix SEGV from btest on 32bit.

  • gc.c (gc_mark_stacked_objects): extract from gc_marks().

  • gc.c (rb_objspace_call_finalizer): call gc_mark_stacked_objects
    at suitable point.

  • gc.c (init_heap): call init_mark_stack before to allocate
    altstack. This change avoid the stack overflow at the signal
    handler on 32bit, but I don't understand reason... [Feature #7095]