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Revision 37138

Added by Yui NARUSE about 4 years ago

merge revision(s) 33711,33713,33714,33715,33716,33717,33718,33719,33720,33721,33724,33727,33728,33752,33753: [Backport #6127]

    * io.c (ioctl_req_t): Type of req argument of ioctl() depend on platform.
      Moreover almost all linux ioctl can't be represented by 32bit integer
      (i.e. MSB is 1). We need wrap ioctl argument type.
    [Bug #5429] 
    * io.c (struct ioctl_arg): ditto.
    * io.c (rb_ioctl): ditto.
    * test/ruby/test_io.rb (test_ioctl_linux): add a testcase for ioctl
    * backporting patch is created by Donovan Lampa.