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Revision 36811

Improve require/File.expand_path performance on Windows

  • (mingw): add shlwapi to the list of dependency libs for Windows.
  • win32/Makefile.sub (EXTSOLIBS): ditto.

  • internal.h: declare internal functions rb_w32_init_file,
    rb_file_expand_path_internal and rb_file_expand_path_fast.

  • file.c (Init_File): invoke Windows initialization rb_w32_init_file

  • win32/file.c (rb_file_load_path_internal): new function.
    Windows-specific implementation that replaces file_expand_path.
    [Bug #6836][ruby-core:46996]

  • win32/file.c (rb_w32_init_file): new function. Initialize codepage
    cache for faster conversion encodings lookup.

  • file.c (file_expand_path): rename to rb_file_expand_path_internal.
    Conditionally exclude from Windows.

  • file.c (rb_file_expand_path_fast): new function. delegates to
    rb_file_expand_path_internal without performing a hit to the

  • file.c (file_expand_path_1): use rb_file_expand_path_internal without
    path expansion (used by require).

  • file.c (rb_find_file_ext_safe): ditto.

  • file.c (rb_find_file_safe): ditto.

  • load.c (rb_get_expanded_load_path): use rb_file_expand_path_fast.

  • load.c (rb_feature_provided): ditto.

  • file.c (rb_file_expand_path): use rb_file_expand_path_internal with
    path expansion.

  • file.c (rb_file_absolute_path): ditto.

  • test/ruby/test_file_exhaustive.rb: new tests to exercise
    rb_file_expand_path_internal implementation and compliance with
    existing behaviors.