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Revision 46576

merge revision(s) 43748,45947,45951: [Backport #9739]

* eval_intern.h (SAVE_ROOT_JMPBUF): workaround for the failure of
  test/ruby/test_exception.rb on Windows.
  wrap by __try and __exception statements on mswin to raise SIGSEGV
  when EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW is occurred, because MSVCRT doesn't
  handle the exception.
  however, (1) mingw-gcc doesn't support __try and __exception
  statements, and (2) we cannot retry SystemStackError after this
  change yet (maybe crashed) because SEH and longjmp() are too

* signal.c (check_stack_overflow, CHECK_STACK_OVERFLOW): now defined on
  Windows, too.

* thread_win32.c (ruby_stack_overflowed_p): ditto.

* thread_win32.c (rb_w32_stack_overflow_handler): use Structured
  Exception Handling by Addvectoredexceptionhandler() for machine
  stack overflow on mingw.
  This would be equivalent to the handling using __try and __exept
  on mswin introduced by r43748.
  Exception Handling by AddVectoredExceptionHandler() for machine
  This would be equivalent to the handling using __try and __except