Hello, feature proposers for Ruby 2.3,

What's the status on your feature proposal?
No progress because no reply form matz?
I'd like to announce a big chance to accelerate your proposal!

You may know, we'll release Ruby 2.3 on 25 Dec.
I'm planning to hold a developer meeting (including matz) to judge feature requests, on September at Tokyo.
If matz says "accept!" for your proposal there, your
proposal is accepted. Congratulations!

But, at present, there are more than many feature tickets.
We never have enough time to review them all.
So, to facilitate our meeting, aspiring proposers's help
will be very much appreciated.

What I ask you:
Please create "one-minute slide-show for your proposal"

* one-page slide (or corresponding material)
  - MUST show the corresponding ticket number
  - make it visual
  - MUST include a figure and/or short example code
  - SHOULD have less sentence in natural language
    (try to write less than 140 characters)
  - it is RECOMMENDED to itemize: motivation/use case, proposal, pros/cons
  - medium: PDF
  - (if you have additional things to say, write it as a comment on the ticket)
* comments on ticket (optional)
  - If the ticket has very long discussion, a summary of previous discussion is helpful.
* patch (optional, but important on some cases)
  - a patch for trunk
  - We review the behavior of edge cases by this
    - Therefore a patch is important if the issue is pending because of edge cases
* write the ticket number on

* submission deadline: 9/15

(Expected) FAQ:

Q. How should I submit my slide?
A. Attach it to the corresponding feature ticket.
I'll then reply "received". If I missed, please remind me in any fashion.

Q. What would happen after the deadline?
A. I'll hold a developer meeting and review the slides.
They will be accepted, rejected, or feedback.

Q. I'd like to present my slide myself.
A. We will take just two minites per proposal.
Let us reduce the cost of presenter rotation.

Q. Will my proposal be rejected unless I create a slide?
A. No, not necessarily. However, the possibility that it
is accepted for 2.3 will be certainly decreased.

Q. My proposal is not so simple to present in one minute.
Only "cheap" proposals can be accepted in this method?
A. More or less, it may be true. But leaving it untouched
does not brings any worth.
Feature proposers have to explain your proposal plainly,
even whether this method is used or not. Consider matz
as a busy angel investor, and try "elevator pitch".

Q. My ticket is not a feature request, but a bug report.
Should I also submit a slide?
A. No, it is not needed if it is really a bug ticket.
But, I often find some bug reports to be feature
request in effect. It would be a good idea to re-check
if your bug report is really about a bug.

Q. Is there advice to create a slide?
A. Write "use case"!

Q. Such a method will really work?
A. At least 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 used this method, and it worked at some level.

Looking forward to your appealing slides!