= How To Release a Ruby 1.9
(1) Ensures ((%make test%)) and ((%make test-all%)) are ok.
* inside/outside of ((%$(srcdir)%))
* On some platforms
* with/without --enable-shared
(2) Notify the distributors that a new release will be out so that they can prepare their package.
* currently, only ((%akira%)), the maintainer for ruby on debian project.
(3) Tags a new tag for the revision which will be released.
(4) ((%make dist RELNAME=((|tagname|))%))
* This generates tarballs and outputs checksums for them.
(5) Unpacks the archives, builds a ruby from them, and ensures ((%make test%)) and ((%make test-all%)) are ok.
* without already installed ruby
(6) Send the archives to platform maintainers.
* Ensures they can successfully build a ruby and ((%make test%)) and ((%make test-all%)) are ok.
(7) Uploads it into
* at ((%/home/ftp/pub/ruby/1.9/%))
* symlinks at ((%/home/ftp/pub/ruby/%))
(8) Writes the release announce.
* Posts it to ruby-talk and ruby-list
* Publish it on
(9) Truncates ((%NEWS%)) on trunk