= 2.0 Supported Platforms

== Ruby 2.0.0

=== Tier 1

((*These platforms have a public CI (normally green) and are maintained by a ruby-core committer.*))

  • CentOS (kosaki)
  • Debian/Ubuntu (kosaki, nobu, matz)
  • FreeBSD (knu, naruse)
  • Mac OS X (mrkn, sora, nobu, kosaki)
  • mingw (luislavena, nobu, shirosaki)

See the CIs for the exact versions of each platform being actually tested:

=== Tier 2

((*These platforms are maintained by a ruby-core committer.*))

  • AIX (kanemoto)
  • Haiku (toyoshim)
  • mswin (usa, tarui)
  • nacl (yugui)
  • NetBSD (naruse)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (kosaki)
  • Solaris (ngoto)
  • Symbian OS (azav)

=== 3rd Party

((*These platforms are under best-effort support by members of the ruby community.*))

=== Note

  • This list may change depending on the activity of the maintainers.
  • It is okay (or recommended) that there are multiple maintainers for one platform.