The following list might be imcomplete. Feel free to add your name if your patch was accepted into Ruby.


Ayumu AIZAWA (ayumin)
* committer
AKIYOSHI, Masamichi (akiyoshi)
* committer
* He had maintained the VMS support on 2003-2004.
Muhammad Ali
* wrote rdoc for Fiber
Minero Aoki (aamine)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* fileutils
* net/http, net/https
* net/pop
* net/smtp
* racc
* ripper
* strscan
Wakou Aoyama (wakou)
* committer
* He was the maintainer of some standard libraries.
Koji Arai
* committer
* He is the distributor of ActiveScriptRuby and experimental 1.9.0-x installers for win32.
* patches for win32ole, gc.c, tmpdir.rb


Daniel Berger
* a patch for irb
* documentation
* He wrote forwardable.rb
David Black (dblack)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* scanf
Ken Bloom
* a patch for REXML.
Oliver M. Bolzer
* a patch for soap
Alexey Borzenkov
* a patch for mkmf.rb
Richard Brown
* a patch for
Dirkjan Bussink
* a patch for date.rb
Daniel Bovensiepen
* documentation
* a patch for irb


Brian Candler
* a patch for, net/telnet
keith cascio
* a patch for optparse.rb
Frederick Cheung
* a patch for test/ruby/testsymbol.rb
* patches for set.rb
Sean Chittenden
* pathces for net/http, cgi
William D. Clinger
* ruby
strtod is based on his paper.


Ryan Davis (ryan)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* miniunit
Guy Decoux (ts)
* committer
Zach Dennis
Martin Duerst (duerst)
* committer
* M17N
Paul Duncan
* pathces for rdoc
Alexander Dymo
* a patch for lib/benchmark.rb


Yusuke Endoh (mame)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* base64 library (1.9)
* did much upon YARV compiler.
* wrote Integer::gcd2


Frank S.Fejes
* a patch for net/pop
Fundakowski Feldman
* a patch for process.c
Mauricio Fernandez
* patches for parse.y
David Flanagan (davidflanagan)
* committer
* M17N
Takeyuki Fujioka (xibbar)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* cgi/
a patch for tracer.rb
Shota Fukumori (sorah)
* committer
* #4415 parallel unit/test
Tadayoshi Funaba (tadf)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* date
* parsedate (1.8)
* He ported rational.rb and complex.rb, which 1.8 contains, into rational.c and complex.c of 1.9.


David M. Gay
* ruby_strtod
Florian Gilcher
* documentation
GOTOU, Kentaro (gotoken)
* committer
* He wrote benchmark.rb
* He is the maintainer of
* benchmark.rb
* open3
GOTOU, Yuuzou (gotoyuzo)
* committer
James Edward Gray II (jeg2)
* committer
* He wrote the faster implementation of CSV and is the maintainer of csv.
* did much upon rdoc documentation


Phil Hagelberg
* patch for ruby-mode.el's documentation.
Kirk Haines (wyhaines)
* committer
* the maintainer of ruby18_6 branch
Shinichiro Hamaji
* fixed memory leaks (marshal.c, string.c)
Shin-ichiro HARA
* the developer and the sysop of ruby-{dev,list,core,talk} archive.
* a patch for numeric.c
Chris Heath (traumdeutung)
* a patch for proc.c
* fixed socket/socket.c
Daniel Hob
* He wrote
* SMTP-TLS support for net/smtp.
* POP3S support
Eric Hodel (drbrain)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* rdoc
* ri
* rubygems
Erik Hollensbe
* a patch for delegate.rb
Johan Holmberg
* a patch for dir.c
* documentation
Erik Huelsmann
Dae San Hwang
* built a continuous integration environment on OpenSolaris.


Nobuhiro IMAI
* a patch for logger.rb
* a patch for sprintf.c
Keiju Ishitsuka (keiju)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* cmath.rb (1.9)
* complex.rb (1.8)
* e2mmap.rb
* forwardable.rb
* irb
* mathn
* matrix.rb
* mutex_m.rb
* rational.rb (1.8)
* sync.rb
* shell/*
* thwait.rb
* tracer.rb


Curtis Jackson
* missing/dup2.c
Alan Johnson
* a patch for net/ftp
Lyle Johnson
* patches for nkf, bigdecimal, numeric.c


Yoshihiro Kambayashi
* a patch for enc/trans/singlebyte.trans.
* He wrote supports for some encodings.
Yutaka Kanemoto
* patches for, AIX AF
INET6 support
Motoyuki Kasahara
* He wrote getoptlong.rb
Masahiro Kawato
* a patch for shellwords.rb
Wataru Kimura
* a patch for
Michael Klishin
* patch for make help.
Noritada Kobayashi
* a patch for optparse.rb
Shigeo Kobayashi (shigek)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* bigdecimal
KONISHI, Hiromasa (H_Konishi)
* committer
* He had maintained the bcc32 support on 2004.
Kornelius "murphy" Kalnbach
* documentation
K.Kosako (kosako)
* committer
* He wrote Oniguruma.
Takehiro Kubo
* patches for dl 64bit support.


Marc-Andre Lafortune (marcandre)
* committer
* patches for hash.c, array.c, thread.c, enumc, string.c, range.c and rdoc documentation.
Hongli Lai
* improved pstore.rb
* patch for tool/file2lastrev.rb.
raspberry lemon
* a patch for webrick/httpproxy.rb.
Christian Loew
* a patch for fileutils.rb


Shugo Maeda (shugo)
* committer
* A system administrator of servers.
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* monitor.rb
* net/ftp
* net/imap
* curses
Stephan Maka
* documentation
Yukihiro Matsumoto (matz)
* Matz -- the founder, language designer of Ruby.
* committer
* Ruby itself, most of Ruby.
* He is the maintainer of
* singleton
* timeout
* gdbm
* sdbm
Konrad Meyer
* documentation
Mib Software
* missing/vsnprintf.c
Todd C. Miller
* missing/strlcat.c
* missing/strlcpy.c
* a patch for cgi.rb
Stefan Monnier
* regex.c was fixed with based on his Emacs21 patch.
Marcel Moolenaar
* patches for eval.c and gc.c.
* a patch for REXML, xmlrpc
Hiroshi Moriyama
* a patch for yaml.
Kyosuke Morohashi
* a patch for gemprelude.rb
Kenta Murata
* patches for json, bignum.c
Akinori MUSHA (knu)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* abbrev.rb
* generator (1.8)
* enumerator (1.8)
* set
* He is also the maintainer of
* ipaddr.rb
* digest/*
* syslog
* He is the branch maintainer of ruby
1_8, the release manager of 1.8 series.


Hidetoshi NAGAI (nagai)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* tk/
Nobuyoshi Nakada (nobu)
* a.k.a. the "patch monster"
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* optparse
* stringio
* io/wait
* iconv
Satoshi Nakagawa
* patches for util.c
Narihiro Nakamura (nari)
* committer
* a.k.a. authorNari
* working at GC
NAKAMURA, Hiroshi (nahi)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* csv.rb (1.8)
* logger.rb
* soap/ (1.8)
* wsdl/
* xsd/ (1.8)
NAKAMURA, Usaku (usa)
* a.k.a. unak
* He is the maintainer of mswin32 and mswin64 support.
NARUSE, Yui (naruse)
* committer
* a.k.a. "nurse"
* Did much upon m17n.
* He is the maintainer of
* json
* nkf
Christian Neukirchen
* a patch for webrick/httputils
Michael Neumann (mneumann)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* xmlrpc (1.8)
* gserver (1.8)
NISHIO Hirokazu
* wrote a patch for CVE-2010-0541
Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA (kazu)
* committer
* a.k.a. znz
Go Noguchi
Martin Nordholts
* misc/rdebug.el
* a patch for socket


* He is a sysop of the Ruby Reference Manual Renewal Project.
* fixed ipaddr.rb, ext/etc
Haruhiko Okumura
* some of missing/ is based on his book.
* missing/erf.c
* missing/lgamma_r.c
* missing/tgamma.c
OMAE, jun
a patch for debug.rb
Eugene Ossintsev
* documentation


Heesob Park
* a patch for win32/win32.c.
* a patch for instruby.rb



Gaston Ramos
* documentation
The Regents of the University of California
* missing/crypt.c
* missing/vsnprintf.c
Sam Roberts
* patch for socket
* documentation
Michal Rokos (michal)
* committer
* He was the maintainer of DJGPP support.
* a patch for io.c
Marcus Rueckert
* a patch for mkconfig.rb.
Run Paint Run Run
* patch for enc/unicode.c
* documentation
Sean Russell (ser)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of REXML.


Kazuo Saito (ksaito)
* committer
* M17N
Tadashi Saito
* patches for test/ruby/testmath.rb, thread.c, bignum.c
* working upon BigDecimal.
* did much upon documentation
Masahiro Sakai
a patch for io.c
Laurent Sansonetti
* a patch for tool/ytab.sed
Jeff Saracco
* documentation
Koichi Sasada (ko1)
* committer
* He wrote YARV.
Hugh Sasse
* a patch for net/http
* documentation
Charlie Savage
* a patch for win32/Makefile.sub
Michael Scholz
* a patch for ruby-mode.el
Arthur Schreiber
* patch for net/http and rdoc.
Masatoshi SEKI (seki)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* drb/
* erb
* rinda
Roman Shterenzon
a patch for open-uri.
Kent Sibilev
Gavin Sinclair (gsinclair)
* committer
John W. Small
* He wrote gserver.rb
Yuki Sonoda (yugui)
* committer
* She is the maintainer of man/ manual pages and is the release manager of 1.9 series.
* She wrote prime.rb.
* A developer and a sysop of
SOUMA, Yutaka
a patch for pack.c.
Tatsuki Sugiura
* WebDAV support for net/http
Masaki Suketa (suke)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of win32ole
* patches for ruby.c, thread.c, stringio, enum.c, webrick, net/http
Siena. (siena)
* committer
Kirill A. Shutemov
* a patch for parse.y
Darren Smith
* a patch for golf_prelude.rb
Richard M. Stallman
* missing/alloca.c
Robin Stocker
* documentation
Adam Strzelecki
* a patch for compile.c
Masashi Sumi
* improved net/pop.rb
Eric Sunshine
* NeXT OpenStep, Rhapsody support
Kouhei Sutou (kou)
* committer
* He wrote and is the maintainer of
* rss/
David Symonds


TAKANO Mitsuhiro (takano32)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of IA-64 support.
* BigDecimal
TAKAO, Kouji (kouji)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of readline.
Nathaniel Talbott (ntalbott)
* committer
* He was the maintainer of test/unit, runit, rubyunit.
TANAKA, Akira (akr)
* committer
* Did much upon m17n.
* And he is the maintainer of;
* open-uri
* pathname
* pp
* resolv-replace
* resolv
* time
* tsort
Takaaki Tateishi (ttate)
* committer
* He was the maintainer of
* dl
Technorama Ltd. (technoroma)
* committer
* openssl
Andrew Thompson
* a patch for socket.c IRIX support.
Dave Thomas (dave)
* committer
* a.k.a. the Pragmatic Programmer.
* He wrote rdoc.
* patches for win32 support
Masahiro Tomita
* a patch for cgi.rb
Jakub Travnik
* a patch for eval.c
Tom Truscott
* missing/crypt.c


UEDA, Satoshi
* a patch for uri
Takaaki Uematsu (uema2)
* committer
* He was the maintainer of WinCE support.
UENO, Katsuhiro (katsu)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of zlib
* He wrote ipaddr.rb
URABE, Shyouhei (shyouhei)
* committer
* a.k.a. mput.
* He is the branch maintainer of ruby186 and ruby187
* and is the release manager of 1.8.x-pXXX.


Joel VanderWerf
* a patch for numeric.c
Peter Vanbroekhoven
Corinna Vinschen


wanabe (wanabe)
* committer
* fixed YARV and Oniguruma.
Chun Wang
* a patch for time.rb
WATANABE, Hirofumi (eban)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* ftools (1.8)
* tmpdir
* un
* Win32API
* a patch for ruby.c
William Webber (wew)
* committer
Jim Weirich (jim)
* committer
* He wrote Rake.
Nathan Weizenbaum
* fixed misc/ruby-mode.el.
why the lukky stiff (why)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of
* syck
Caley Woods
* documentation
Gary Wright
* documentation



Akira Yamada (akira)
* committer
* He is the maintainer of ruby related packages at Debian project.
Keita Yamaguchi
* patches for enum.c, parse.y
* documentation
Hirokazu Yamamoto (ocean)
* committer
Hirotaka Yoshioka
* a patch for improving SEGV handling


Aristarkh A Zagorodnikov
* a patch for io.c
Alexander Zavorine
* committer
* He is the maintainer for Symbian OS.
Chiyuan Zhang
* a patch for misc/ruby-mode.el.
Dee Zsombor
* a patch for thread_pthread.c
Dan Zwell
* a patch for net/pop

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