Takahashi, Matz, Ko1, Urabe, Ogino and I talked about a plan of thenear future (hopefully this year) in Ko1’s room at the Sunday nightfor 4 hours. Here are the summaries. Matz has agreed them and willpost announcements. We are sure that it makes sense for you as well.

  1. Prepare a new SVN repository for Ruby 1.9 (called NEW).

The whole of data of the current CVS repository (called MATZ) will beconverted to NEW.

Ruby 1.8 is still available in the current CVS.

NOTICE: we have no box to host the new SVN repository. We will beusing an interim box to make a progress. We wish a brand new box rightnow…

  1. Prohibit commits to MATZ

That will be started in a few weeks and last for a month.

  1. Merge YARV to the trunk on NEW.

YARV has been implemented in Ko1’s own SVN repository (called KO1),which diverged from MATZ this April. So, a merging process is a bittricky. After making a branch from that point on NEW, he will make abig patch of his works between April to the latest on KO1, and applyit to NEW. Then, he (and/or others) will catch up the works betweenApril to the latest on NEW with many conflicts expected. Finally, thebranch will be renamed to the ‘trunk’. Commits will open again on thishead.

That’s the reason of #2, to make this merge process simple and certain.

  1. Tasks of Matz and Ko1 before #3

Matz has a try to fix an issue of Array#shift. Ko1 tries to fix a bugin GC and eliminate ugly parts that he wants to hide from the worldbefore his works come to the main stage.

If they are not finished the repositories will be reverted to thepoints where the bugs were made. So, the merge process will be startedon time.

  1. Make Ruby 1.8 stable

Ruby 1.8 should be stable both for users and developers. A new featurewill no longer be added to Ruby 1.8.[67] or later. Exceptions aresecurity fixes and version.h. We have 1.8.5 as of now. There is littlespace in version numbers to upgrade (1.8.[6-9]). There should be apatch level to keep on supporting Ruby 1.8.

  1. A new category to the BTS

We recognized that a new category is required in the BTS managed byUrabe. There are many open cases, including what can not be fixedright now because of no reproducibles on developers’ hands. Yes, theyagree that it may be a bug, and wait for more information. Those casesinterference a debugging process. Let’s separate them.

We could not think of a good word, which should be simple as acategory ID and comprehensible even for non-native speakers.Fortunately we got a help from two native speakers who were chatted ona lobby at 1 am. They recommended ‘unverified’. Thank you. Sorry, Idid not write down their names.

Urabe will also add English views to the BTS.