Date: 2017/09/25 (Mon)
Time: 14:00- 18:00 (JST)
Place: Speee, Inc.
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log: TBD
Attendees: (add your name here if you would like to appear)
Language: mostly Japanese (sorry for non native Japanese speakers)

Please add your favorite ticket numbers you want to ask to discuss.

  • NOTE
    • Dev meeting IS NOT a decision making place. All decisions should be done at the bug tracker.
    • Dev meeting is a place we can ask Matz, nobu, nurse and other developers directly. Matz is a very busy person. Take this opportunity to ask him. If you can not attend, other attendees can ask instead of you (if attendees can understand your issue).
    • We will write a log about discussion to a file or to each ticket in English.
    • All activities are best-effort (keep in mind that most of us are volunteer developers).
    • The date, time and place is scheduled according to when/where we can reserve Matz's time.


  • NOTE: Write at least "ticket number/title/link" and your name (see example below). Explain details on the ticket. If you cannot attend the meeting, we appreciate a short summary because we can understand it more easily (long discussion is difficult to read, especially in a non-native language). Your motivation is also welcome.

About 2.5 timeframe

Carry-over from previous meeting(s)

  • bugs that are not assigned (shyouhei)
    • [Bug #13675] Should Zlib::GzipReader#ungetc accept nil?
    • [Bug #13700] Enumerable#sum may not work for Ranges subclasses due to optimization (mrkn)
    • [Bug #13716] Unexpected or undocumented (or maybe both) behaviour when mixing String#scan with named captures
    • [Bug #13549] MinGW / Windows encoding - Two issues
    • [Bug #13746] windows-pr gemのRuby 2.4 32bit版でのSEGV
    • [Bug #13768] SIGCHLD and Thread dead-lock problem
    • [Bug #13773] Improve String#prepend performance if only one argument is given
    • [Bug #13774] for methods defined from procs, the binding of the resulting bound method proc does not have access to the original proc's closure environment
    • [Bug #13781] Should the safe navigation operator invoke nil?
    • [Bug #13795] Hash#select return type does not match Hash#find_all
    • [Bug #13811] Ruby 2.4.1 fails to compile inside qemu armhf - signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
    • [Bug #13818] Licence issue with use of Onigmo rather than Oniguruma library files
    • [Bug #13827] Improve performance of Base64.urlsafe_encode64
    • [Bug #13829] NUL char in $0
    • [Bug #13833] String#scanf("%a") incorrectly requires a sign on the (binary) exponent
    • [Bug #13835] Using 'open-uri' with 'tempfile' causes an exception
    • [Bug #13167] Dir.glob is 25x slower since Ruby 2.2
    • [Bug #12036] Enumerator's automatic rewind behavior
    • [Bug #13872] Duplicate assignment no longer silences "assigned but unused variable" warning
    • [Bug #13848]'200.') raises an exception
    • [Bug #13880BigDecimal(string) should raise on invalid values in string
    • [Bug #13876] Tempfile's finalizer can be interrupted by a Timeout exception which can cause the process to hang
    • [Bug #13885] Random.urandom と securerandom について
    • [Bug #10104] Fileutils cp_r fails on sockets or fifes even if File.mknod and File.mkfifo are defined
  • [Feature #13653] Bundled zlib helper (shyouhei) hsbt?
  • [Feature #13381] [PATCH] Expose rb_fstring and its family to C extensions (shyouhei) ko1?
  • [Feature #13434] better method definition in C API (shyouhei) ko1?
  • [Feature #13713] socketの便利メソッドのdatagramのUNIXSocket用対応 (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13715] [PATCH] avoid garbage from Symbol#to_s in interpolation (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13719] [PATCH] net/http: allow existing socket arg for Net::HTTP.start (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13732] Precise on Windows (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13733] Dump the delegator instead of the delegated object (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13625] BigDecimal short form / shorthand (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13712] String#start_with? with regexp (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #12159] Thread::Backtrace::Location#path returns absolute path for files loaded by require_relative (a_matsuda)
  • [Feature #13751] Suppert SSHFP resource records in rubysl-resolv (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13752] Can't observe sibling refinements (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13763] Trigger "unused variable warning" for unused variables in parameter lists (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13765] Add Proc#bind (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13767] add something like python's buffer protocol to share memory between different narray like classes (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13777] Array#delete_all (shyouhei)
  • [Misc #13804] Protected methods cannot be overridden (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13807] A method to filter the receiver against some condition (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13805] Make refinement scoping to be like that of constants (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12282] Hash#dig! for repeated applications of Hash#fetch (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #9450] Allow overriding SSLContext options in Net::HTTP (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13820] Add a nill coalescing operator (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13770] Can't create valid Cyrillic-named class/module (shyouhei) status?
  • [Misc #13840] Collection methods - stability (shyouhei, duerst (propose to reject))
  • [Feature #13581] Syntax sugar for method reference (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13869] Filter non directories from Dir.glob (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #8948] Frozen regex (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13881] Use getcontext/setcontext on OS X (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13883] Change from gperf 3.0.4 to gperf 3.1 (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13890] Allow a regexp as an argument to 'count', to count more interesting things than single characters (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13873] Optimize Dir.glob with FNM_EXTGLOB (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13245] [PATCH] reject inter-thread TLS modification (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13901] Add branch coverage (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12753] Useful operator to check bit-flag is true or false (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #8499] Importing Hash#slice, Hash#slice!, Hash#except, and Hash#except! from ActiveSupport (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13922] Consider showing warning messages about same-named aliases - either directly or perhaps via the "did you mean gem" (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13924] Add headings/hints to RubyVM::InstructionSequence#disasm (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #10849] Adding an alphanumeric function to SecureRandom (shyouhei)

From attendees

  • [Feature #9323] IO#writev (glass)
  • [Feature #13867] Copy offloading in IO.copy_stream (glass)
  • [Feature #11666] IPAddr#private? (glass)
  • [Feature #13610] IPAddr has no public method to get the current subnet mask (glass)
  • [Feature #8047] IPAddr makes host address with netmask (glass)
  • [Feature #8661] Add option to print backstrace in reverse order(stack frames first & error last) (shyouhei) objection appealed.
  • [Misc #13968] [Ruby 3.x perhaps] - A (minimal?) static variant of ruby (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13969] Dir#each_child (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12115] Add Symbol#call to allow to_proc shorthand with arguments (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #5964] Make Symbols an Alternate Syntax for Strings (shyouhei) seems updated since closed
  • [Feature #12533] Refinements: allow modules inclusion, in which the module can call internal methods which it defines. (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13984] BigDecimal should be immutable/frozen and return itself on #dup (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13985] Avoid exception for #dup/#clone on Rational and Complex (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13936] Make regular expressions debugable (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13986] Integer#fdiv with Complex returns unexpected value (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13983] Rational and Complex should be frozen (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #14022] String#surround (shyouhei)
  • bugs that are not assigned (shyouhei)
    • [Bug #13930] Exception is caught in rescue above ensure
    • [Bug #13970] Base64 urlsafe_decode64 unsafe use of tr.
    • [Bug #14010] RubyVM logic in forwardable backported to 2.3, not removed
    • [Bug #14016] URI IPv6 address can't be used to open socket
    • [Bug #14015] Enumerable & Hash yielding arity
    • [Bug #13887] test/ruby/test_io.rb may get stuck with FIBER_USE_NATIVE=0 on Linux

From non-attendees

Write your name and your interest (what do you want to ask and to whom?) please.

  • [Feature #13300] Strip chroot path from $LOADED_FEATURES when calling Dir.chroot (jeremyevans0)
  • [Feature #12882] Add caller/file/line information to internal Kernel#warn calls (jeremyevans0)
  • example: [Feature #13686] Add states of scanner to tokens from Ripper.lex and Ripper::Filter#on_* (aycabta)