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Terence Lee, 05/19/2014 10:46 PM


Agenda DevelopersMeeting20140517Japan


  • in person: sora_h, shyouhei, akr, naruse, ko1, hsbt, tarui
  • online: matz, n0kada

[Feature #9772] IO#statfs and File::Statfs

not accepted. A gem should be made first.

[Feature #9647] File::Stat#birthtime


[Feature #9816] 文字列内の数字を数値として比較するメソッド

This feature is about comparing characters as numbers, like for Gem versions. For instance, 11 > 9 #=> true

  • still need more discussion
  • also need a good name


going separate it into a bundled gem

[Feature #9513] Hide Rational internal (akr)


[Feature #9826] Enumerable#slice_between (akr)

Matz likes the idea, but it needs a better name. There is already Array#slice.

[Feature #9071] Enumerable#slice_after (akr)


[Feature #9770] Etc.uname (akr)


[Feature #9842] system configuration variables (sysconf(), confstr(), pathconf() and fpathconf()) (akr)


[Feature #9834] Float#{next_float,prev_float} (akr)


[Feature #9632] [offtopic] remove doxygen?

dropping support for doxygen

[Feature #9711] Remove test-unit and minitest from stdlib. Can I remove test-unit? /cc sora_h (hsbt)

continuing to discuss about bundling test libraries test-unit/minitest.

remove rubyforge url(hsbt)


give up callcc (tarui)

accepted: going to fade out callcc support

Hash#comprized? (hone02)

  • need a good name
  • unclear what the usecase is
  • continue to discuss on redmine


Using Ruby Association's funds, 4 machines have been prepared for chkbuild. chkbuild is the Ruby CI platform powering We also want something besides Intel like running ARM on top of QEMU.

Next Meetings

  • 6/18: discussing [Feature #9711]
  • 7/26: big features for 2.2