This document is written for branch maintainers.If you are not a branch maintainer, you should not commit directly.Write a backport ticket instead of committing.

  • checkout the branch
  • make sure the ticket is on the backport project. (if not, the ticket won't be closed automatically)
  • use tool/merger.rb.
    • tool/merger.rb 12345 (merge r12345)
    • tool/merger.rb 12345,67890 (merge r12345 and r67890)
    • tool/merger.rb --ticket=7654 12345 (merge r12345 and include commit log the reference to Backport ticket #7654. Note that --ticket option and its argument must be delimited by '=')

Backport Field

  • An advanced field for Branch maintainers.
  • The comma-separated list of version and status which matches /\A(?<branch>\d\.\d(\.0)?: (UNKNOWN|REQUIRED|DONE|DONTNEED|WONTFIX))(, \g<branch>)*\z/
  • (Administrator can current regexp at