Steps to follow
Insure it's a meaningful improvement
Was this improvement ever proposed or discussed? (Search in Google or Redmine)
Is there already a way to achieve a similar result?
Would it benefit many people? Can you find cases in existing code where it would be useful?
Think about it
What's a good name?
What exact arguments does it accept?
What does it return?
Any risk of incompatibility?
Write it up
Use a good title: if title is not so good, the ticket will be ignored
State how the current situation can be improved
Make a concise but complete proposal
Address objections you can foresee
Create a Feature Request on and follow through. Open one issue per feature request!

Making a good sections

Good sections help us to understand your proposal.

For example,

  • Abstract
  • Background (problem, what is problem you are )
  • Proposal
  • Implementation (if you have. submit with implementation will help us which is feasible or not)
  • Evaluation of your implementation (performance, usability and so on)
  • Discussion (remaining points which we need to consider, pros. and cons. for other approach, and so on)
  • Summary

(same as academic papers)

will help us.

Just ideas are difficult to consider (if it seems not valuable).