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Zachary Scott, 06/14/2014 08:28 AM


This page describes the current module, library, and extension maintainers of Ruby.

Module Maintainers

A module maintainer is responsible for a certain part of Ruby.

  • The maintainer fixes bugs of the part. Particularly, they should fix security vulnerabilities as soon as possible.
  • They handle issues related the module on the Redmine or ML.
  • They may be discharged by the 3 months rule .
  • They have commit right to Ruby's repository to modify their part in the repository.
  • They have "developer" role on the Redmine to modify issues.
  • They have authority to decide the feature of their part. But they should always respect discussions on ruby-core/ruby-dev.

A submaintainer of a module is like a maintainer. But The submaintainer does
not have authority to change/add a feature on his/her part. They need consensus
on ruby-core/ruby-dev before changing/adding. Some of submaintainers have
commit right, others don't.

Language core features including security

Yukihiro Matsumoto (matz)


Koichi Sasada (ko1)

Core classes

Yukihiro Matsumoto (matz)


Zachary Scott (zzak)

Standard Library Maintainers