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01:49 AM Ruby master Bug #15774: OptionParser doesn't accept Date options as stated in the docs
You need to `require 'optparse/time'` to use built-in Time conversion (it doesn't seem to be stated explicitly in the... oleynikov (Alexander Oleynikov)


10:58 AM Ruby master Feature #15419: Allow Kernel#tap to be invoked with arguments like Kernel#send
It is not backward compatible.
And I'm not sure why we need to change just `#tap` and not other methods.
There ar...
oleynikov (Alexander Oleynikov)


08:32 PM Ruby master Feature #15323: [PATCH] Proposal: Add Enumerable#filter_map wrote:
> (1..10).map { |e| e.even? ? (e * 2) : e }

Yeah, but without `#filter` this is...
oleynikov (Alexander Oleynikov)


05:46 AM Ruby master Bug #15409: OpenStruct error when attribute is called 'method'
According to the docs, `OpenStruct` uses `method_missing`, so it does not redefine existing methods of `Object` or `B... oleynikov (Alexander Oleynikov)


08:32 AM Ruby master Bug #11335: `ruby -r debug` catchpoint problem
I was able to reproduce the issue on newer Ruby.
$ ruby -v
ruby 2.5.1p57 (2018-03-29 revision 63029) [x86_64...
oleynikov (Alexander Oleynikov)


06:34 PM Ruby master Bug #15312: Ruby gives me wrong result for plus operation
This is not a bug, that's how floating point arithmetic works in accordance with the IEEE 754 standard.
You can re...
oleynikov (Alexander Oleynikov)

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