Feature #8370

Updated by xibbar (Takeyuki FUJIOKA) about 9 years ago

Reported by Andreas Kraus via gmail. 

 hi xibbar,  

 I try to understand why the MAX_MULTIPART_LENGTH is a Constant and i can't change it. 
 If i uload a Multipart file which is larger than 128 MB raise an error "too large multipart data.",  
 but why i can't change this value to upload larger files.  

 The Constant comes with this Change: 

 The only sense i see, is that the Author of cgialt uses max 128MB files und build in this Constant ... 

 I would like to know why this constant is in place and how to change it's behaviour.  
 My requirement is to upload files larger than the given limit of 128MB.