Bug #15746

Updated by sandy-lcq (sandy li) about 3 years ago

Below problem is find on 2.5.3 and also 2.6.2.  
 and ruby is compiled from source. and source get from: 

 below test failed: 
 ruby test_delegate.rb 
 ruby test_forwardable.rb 
 ruby test_pstore.rb 
 ruby test_securerandom.rb 
 ruby test_tempfile.rb 
 ruby test_time.rb 
 ruby test_timeout.rb 
 ruby test_tmpdir.rb 
 ruby test_weakref.rb 
 ruby test_cmath.rb 

 ruby test_extlibs.rb 

 **The top nine mainly failed like:** 

 1.Error: test_error_handling(TestCMath): 
   NoMethodError: undefined method `assert_raise_with_message' for #<TestCMath:0x000056300b0c5800> 
   Did you mean?    assert_raise_message 

 As I checked,    assert_raise_with_message exist in stdlib 2.1.2    -> Test::Unit::Assertions. 

 but for ruby 2.6.2, Test::Unit::Assertions don't have this method. 

 2.test_cmath.rb:31:in `test_log' 
 Error: test_log(TestCMath): RangeError: can't convert 0.8047189562170503+1.1071487177940904i into Float 

 As I checked,    assert_in_delta exist in test/unit/assertion.rb, but require argument be float. 

 **above problem can be solved by add "require 'minitest/autorun'"** 

 **The last test failed like:** 
 Traceback (most recent call last): 
 b test_extlibs.rbopt/wr-test/testcases/userspace/ruby/regression_test# ruby -Ilib 
 Traceback (most recent call last): 
 test_extlibs.rb:6:in `<main>': uninitialized constant Test (NameError) 

 need to add require "test/unit"