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11:18 AM Ruby Wiki edit: DevelopersMeeting20140418Japan (#2)


11:19 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9694: Bad regexp hangs ruby
Nikolay Markov wrote:
> Urabe, do you know how Perl does that? Also, i'll be grateful for the link to regexp source...


02:42 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9694: Bad regexp hangs ruby
Ruby's regexp engine is NP-complete. It's ultimately impossible to guarantee
regexp matches to run fast (if you don...
02:17 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9695: Substring search exhibit quadratic behaviour.
Interesting, and I'm pretty sure this also interests matz.


11:29 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9691 (Rejected): Wrong value on float
This is how it works. Learn floating point numbers.
"What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Poi...


04:36 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9612: Gemify OpenSSL
:+1: Great step.


10:59 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9588: program name variables tainted
My expectation to tainted.rb output is what 1.8.7 outputs. This seems like a regression to me.


04:36 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9544: Ruby resolver not using autoport
Jakub Szafranski wrote:
> So is it ruby's concern, or should the system developers make appropriate patches?


03:26 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9362 (Rejected): Minimize cache misshit to gain optimal speed
In the last developer meeting we agreed that sacrificing memory
consumption to gain speed is not a contemporary nice...


09:37 AM ruby-trunk Feature #7309 (Rejected): HEREDOC end of line or similar
"def increase(~str)" is technically impossible so please let me
reject this. However I think "<<<" can be possible....

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