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02:34 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12695: File.expand_path should resolve ~/ using /etc/passwd when HOME is not set
+1 it makes sense to me.


06:45 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12693: Want a way to receive EINTR on Process.waitpid
Naotoshi Seo wrote:
> However, ruby implementation of Process.waitpid does not raise EINTR
No you don't. It is a...


01:15 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12548: Rounding modes inconsistency between round versus sprintf
I doubt if we need multiple rounding modes. I guess for every situation when a specific rounding mode is mandatory, ...


12:24 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12512: Import Hash#transform_values and its destructive version from ActiveSupport
Can we stick to the name of #map_v here? I don't think it's wise to expand the front line in this thread.


12:38 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12666: Fatal error: glibc detected an invalid stdio handle
For Fedora the patch seems OK. But I doubt if it could break on other systems like mswin. The fix proposed by the g...


04:45 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12655: accessing a method visibility
We briefly looked at this issue at yesterday's developer meeting and roughly agreed that locksee should be able to be...
04:36 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12625: TypeError.assert, ArgumentError.assert
See also #12624, Matz do not want assertion by class.
04:14 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12607 (Assigned): Ruby needs an atomic integer
I heard from Koichi that he has an opinion on this. Please respond.
04:13 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12594: The class does not inherit from a module the modules that were included after the inc...
I listed this issue to be looked at the yesterday's developer meeting but sadly no time was there to deeply inspect i...
04:08 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12586: Hash#sample
We looked at this issue at yesterday's developer meeting. I wonder if this is actually useful. The Tom&Jerry exampl...

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