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03:01 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13906: homepage in gemspec
I don't understand, what's wrong with homepage being


08:31 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13923: Idiom to release resources safely, with less indentations
tagomoris (Satoshi TAGOMORI) wrote:
> I prefer to get resources at once, but #7 looks to work well for my use case.
12:13 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13940 (Third Party's Issue): em-http-request (HttpConnectionOptions) over-write :sni_hostname if provided


12:49 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13923 (Feedback): Idiom to release resources safely, with less indentations
We looked at this issue in a developer meeting today and nobu's library solution written in comment #7 was popular th...
12:45 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13893: Add Fiber#[] and Fiber#[]= and restore Thread#[] and Thread#[]= to their original behavior
This sounds in fact cleaner. However I'm afraid it is too difficult to design a transition path. Fiber#[] could be ...
12:41 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13821 (Assigned): Allow fibers to be resumed across threads
In the today's developer meeting Ko1 said that migrating fibers across threads is currently not possible. I think he...
12:37 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13696: Add exchange and noreplace options to File.rename
I think it's hard to have platform-specific API extensions like this to be in-core. If atomicity is such an importan...
12:30 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13677: Add more details to error "Name or service not known (SocketError)"
The proposed functionality sounds fine but no one currently have spare time to implement this; patch welcomed.
12:28 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12533: Refinements: allow modules inclusion, in which the module can call internal methods which it defines.
We looked at this issue at a developer meeting today.
The OP's intension is clear. We can describe how it works, ...
12:20 PM Ruby trunk Feature #9001 (Rejected): Please package better standard library
Let me close this issue because its goal is too vague to be achieved. For instance if someone wants to add Nokogiri ...

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