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05:43 AM Ruby master Feature #9453: Return symbols of defined methods for `attr` and friends
`attr_*` methods returning `nil` should be considered a bug at this point, since all other ways of defining methods r... vais (Vais Salikhov)


05:07 AM Ruby master Bug #12234 (Rejected): Kernel#exec with a command array broken on Windows as of Ruby 2.2.4
On Ruby 2.0.0 this worked as expected:
C:\Users\Administrator\GitHub\spec>ruby -ve "exec(['cmd.exe', '/C'], '...
vais (Vais Salikhov)


09:45 AM Ruby master Bug #12231 (Rejected): Kernel#system should not expand shell variables when given multiples arguments, but on Windows it does
C:\Users\Administrator>C:\Ruby\ruby-2.2.4-i386-mingw32\bin\ruby.exe -ve "ENV['TEST_SH_EXPANSION'] = 'foo'; p sys...
vais (Vais Salikhov)
09:04 AM Ruby master Bug #12230 (Closed): Wrong exception raised when from a pipe is passed an offset on Windows
When from a pipe is passed an offset, the expected exception is Errno::ESPIPE, but on Windows Invalid argumen... vais (Vais Salikhov)


08:51 AM Ruby master Feature #12226 (Open): Dir.home with valid named user raises ArgumentError on Windows
C:\>C:\Ruby\ruby-2.2.4-x64-mingw32\bin\ruby.exe -ve "p Dir.home; p Dir.home('Administrator')"
ruby 2.2.4p230 (2...
vais (Vais Salikhov)


02:38 AM Ruby master Bug #11718 (Closed): Constant access on `nil`
It is possible to access top-level constants by doing `nil::CONSTANT`, which looks like a bug [according to Matz](htt... vais (Vais Salikhov)

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